Who What Where Cash Switcheroo!

In my previous blog article about Fresh Horizons Ltd, I spoke of ITSM.Digital and their “ball of knotted string” analogy. All relating to their plethora of companies, shelf companies, subsidiaries, trust accounts, including owners and others. It’s a myriad of associated switcheroos, all designed to hide the true nature of their business interests. That being … Read more

Fresh Horizons Ltd Kotaro Shimogori Irony

If irony had a place to call home, it would be the online casino industry. All the dodgy affiliate programs, and casino hucksters, is enough to make you wonder, if, the industry is run by crooks. To ensure we’re on the same page, most casinos online have an affiliate program, which is owned by the … Read more

CWinz Scams Affiliate Partners

In the online igaming industry, there’s a golden rule. Most affiliate programs adhere to this rule. However, some don’t. Those clip-joints who don’t, It’s nothing short of theft. The honest rule is, when an affiliate refers a NDP (new depositing player), and the casino or sportsbook makes positive NGR (net gaming revenue) at end of … Read more