Hidden Affiliate Commission Deductions Fees

Visting AffiliateRepublik.com you’d think your were in safe hands. This casino affiliate program claims trust and fairness. Boasts years of experience in the iGaming Industry and being past affiliate’s too. Affiliate Republik terms and conditions state: Clause 6. – Commission Net revenue is the gross revenue generated from a player’s bets and losses less bonus … Read more

Spiral Solutions More of The Same BS

Over the years, I’ve had to deal with companies with regard to faulty products. More to the point, I’ve also had to deal with affiliate programs to get things fixed. It seems those companies who are unwilling to help or use tactics to complicate the issue, these bad customer attitudes all seems to flows down … Read more

Can Brightshare Casino Affiliate Program Be Trusted?

Being an online affiliate means placing 100% blind trust in the program you partner. That’s a fact played down a lot, especially in relation to casino affiliate programs. It’s certainly a question any casino webmaster thinking about partnering with Brightshare, should weight up. From past events, it seems honesty isn’t one of Brighshare’s strong points. … Read more

Brightshare Withholds Rightful Earnings

Seems Brightshare still hold an arrogance toward the rights of their casino affiliate partners. Clearly this can been seen by the broad-siding of casino affiliates in late March 2013, with the Brighshate retroactively changed terms and conditions. Which I’ll add, webmaster soon stood back to back and opposed the decision. Subsequently the pressure forced the … Read more

Brightshare Breach Their Terms & Conditions

DOCH blacklisted Brightshare casino affiliate program because they blindsided their partners with retroactively changed contractual agreements. Many other sites followed suit and blacklisted Brightshare.  Since then, this casino affiliate program has come to their senses and over-turned the retroactively changes for already signed up affiliate partners. It’s all good and well to make changes and … Read more

Commission Lounge Blacklisted

Online gambling affiliates awoke to a disturbing email on the 1’st July 2013 sent by Commission Lounge. As of the 1’st of September 2013, they are withdrawing their previous promise of Life-Time Revenue and replacing it with, a 24 month shelf life on all tagged players. Commission Lounge Breaches Affiliate Contracts This is the payload from … Read more

Casino Affiliate Programs Bogus Bonus Scam

Online casino bonuses are the cause of many player disputes. While performance based rewards have been suggested as an alternative, they all continue to give deposit incentives. Why? Are their affiliate programs using a bogus bonus scam to shave you! A few months ago I was reviewing player stats on a number of casino affiliate programs … Read more

Gambling Affiliate Programs Shaving Stats

It takes little to realize gambling affiliate programs can easily shave stats and cook the books of their partners and get-away with it! Before entering the online gaming industry, I thought I’d meet people who could spin a line. But they hold nothing on some affiliate managers I’ve met, as an online casino affiliate. Think … Read more

Gambling Affiliates Risk Losing Commissions

One of the greatest risks for gambling affiliates is having their players and commissions shaved, by affiliate programs they partner with.  Some may say, it’s part and parcel of doing business in the online gaming industry. Albeit there are dodgy gambling affiliate program who will use any method to rob affiliates of both referred players … Read more

Unethical Casino Cross Marketing

Being a casino affiliate can have its rewards. However it does take a lot of hard work to build a trusted and well known internet gambling portal. It’s not uncommon for gaming affiliates in the first few years to spend 12 hour days 7 days a week working on their casino marketing site.  In addition … Read more