Who What Where Cash Switcheroo!

In my previous blog article about Fresh Horizons Ltd, I spoke of ITSM.Digital and their “ball of knotted string” analogy. All relating to their plethora of companies, shelf companies, subsidiaries, trust accounts, including owners and others. It’s a myriad of associated switcheroos, all designed to hide the true nature of their business interests. That being online casinos.

Of all these companies et al, a couple of them stood out. Especially Weiner Pty Ltd. Thomas Weiner (aka Tom Weiner). Who, is both the long standing CFO (chief financial officer) for ITSM Digital, as well as, it seems, many other of the entities listed below. Plus, one of the owners of this online casinos empire.

Digging into Weiner Pty Ltd, Dunn & Bradstreet have Thomas Frank Weiner, listed, as the Key Principle, of a Medical Practice (Engadine Medical Centre): engadinemedicalcentre.com.au. A total of nine (9) Doctors are listed as Medical practitioners, one of which is a Dr Eli Weiner. Could this be Tom’s brother?!

(Dunn & Bradstreet screen capture, links to D&B URL details: Weiner Pty Ltd – click image to view)
Weiner Pty Ltd - Thomas Frank Weiner | Engadine medical centre

To ensure I have all the current, up to date, Weiner Pty Ltd (ACN: 114 691 637) information, I headed over to ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission | Australian Federal Government) and pay the AU$19 fee to obtain, the Current and Historical company records of, Weiner Pty Ltd. The image below is a small section, of the overall ASIC – Weiner Pty Ltd *.pdf, received.

Australian Securities & Investments Commission - Weiner Pty Ltd, Current and Historical company records.

Unlike the huckster owners of ITSM Digital, and their online casino empire, my moral and ethical compasses are not broken. It’s why I’ve blanked out, what seems to be, the residential address of Mr Thomas Frank Weiner. I will say however, very nice residence – awesome view of Sydney Harbour from the pool. House sold in 2017 for over AU$9Mil.

Nice to see where my stolen affiliate earnings, NZ tax grabs, and all the other casino affiliates scammed commissions by RewardsAffiliates.com et al, have likely been pooled; yes that’s an intended pun!

NBI’m merely stating facts in relation to Weiner Pty Ltd. I am not implying any wrong doings, and or knowledge about anything illegal, being conducted at Engadine Medical Centre by person or persons employed; connected or otherwise associated with Engadine Medical Centre.

Owners of this online casino empire, even attempted to ‘Shakedown Lockheed Martin‘. Yes the Corp., who, among other commercial interests, designs and builds jet-aircraft’s; both commercial and military. But it looks like Lockheed Martin Corp., via United States District Court Northern District of California, took Aceworld Holdings Pty Ltd et al, to court, over this shakedown. 19-4074 – Lockheed Martin Corporation v. Aceworld Holdings PTY LTD et al That misadventure will feature in a later DOCH article.

Small Sample of Taylor/Weiner et al Enterprises

ITSM Digital, RewardsAffiliates.com, CasinoRewards.com, ITS Management, Fresh Horizons Ltd, Apollo Entertainment Group, ITS Limited, NOCEANVIEW PTY LTD, Internet Traffic Solutions Ltd, AMB Consolidated Pty Ltd, AMB Property (Providence) PTY LTD, Abraxas International Ltd, Aceworld Holdings PTY LTD, Duoluck Holdings Ltd, Hoperidge Entereprises PTY LTD, Ivoryrose Holdings PTY LTD, James D. Taylor, Jaspon Holdings Pty Ltd, Jetofest Pty Ltd, Khaki Investments Ltd, Khaki Investments PTY LTD, Marbruck Investments Ltd, Marbruck Investments, LLC, TFW Corporate PTY LTD, James Taylor, Marion Taylor, Muriel Weiner, Thomas Weiner, Weiner Pty Ltd, William Taylor Nominees Pty Ltd, Yencity Pty Ltd…