Microgaming Weighted Slot Reels

Apart from all out rigging of casino software, a software provider or maybe even a Microgaming casino operator can weight reels of individual Microgaming slot machines. In layman terms “weighting slot reels” means altering the reel strips. In online casinos that mean changing the number of icons which appear on each slot reel or  altering the order they appear on each slot machine reel.

Either way weighting slot reels will alter the pay-outs of any slot.

Is Microgaming and or their online casino operators weighting slot reels?
It’s highly likely given the crap pay-outs numerous Microgaming slots players are experiencing.  Microgaming state their slot machine RTP (return to player) pecentages are set in stone and can not be manipulated. However the ability to alter the slot reel symbols does away with the need to manipulate a slot games RTP or to tweak the RNG (random number generator).

From the piss poor Micrgaming slot pay-outs I’ve been getting lately, and what I’ve read from other slot players, I’d say it’s highly likely weighting slot reel manipulation is on the cards at some Microgaming online casinos.