Fresh Horizons Ltd Kotaro Shimogori Irony

If irony had a place to call home, it would be the online casino industry. All the dodgy affiliate programs, and casino hucksters, is enough to make you wonder, if, the industry is run by crooks. To ensure we’re on the same page, most casinos online have an affiliate program, which is owned by the … Read more

ITS Management Darlinghurst Casino Rewards Darlinghurst has received a lot of negative feedback from past employees. Yes, it’s fair to say that sometimes,disgruntled employees leave negative comments about past employers. However, I doubt this is the case here with ITSM Digital. What folks don’t know is, ITSM Digital paints itself as a highly successful, international Multimedia Company. However, that’s … Read more

Rewards Affiliates NZ Consumption Tax Really?

According to Ms Renee. M. the program coordinator, et al, have been paying New Zealand consumption tax, since 2017. I received this information from her, via email. The first time I heard about this NZ Tax, was in August 2020, when, my affiliate commission was short-changed by around US$3,300. I made contact with … Read more

ITSM Digital Darlinghurst Equals Online Casinos

The website of ITSM.Digital, certainly deploys a professional and polished image. You’d definitely think it was a thriving online marketing company, based in Darlinghurst Australia.  However, as the saying goes: never judge a book by its cover! Scratch the surface, and soon you’ll realise basic characteristics of a company of this size (300 to 500 … Read more

ITSM Digital Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

ITS Management as it was formally known, now has a name change: ITSM.Digital. However, don’t let this new-site facade, lull you into a false sense of legitimacy. Because under that manufactured, fairy-tale veil of smoke and mirrors, still lurks a money-making ravenous beast. I’m all for working hard and making a good life. However, when … Read more