Rogue Casino Affiliates

Since online casinos opened there has always been a element of rogue casino operator who will try to scam players. One of the most well known of these rogue online casino groups is the Virtual Casino Group. Although many legitimate affiliates and casino watchdog sites have tried to warn casino players about these clip joints, … Read more

AussieDave resigns GPWA membership

On Saturday the 3’rd of April 2010 AussieDave requested both his private and public membership¬† to the GPWA (Gambling Portal Webmasters Association) be terminated.¬† The GPWA is a well know casino affiliate group which accepts both gaming affiliates and paid sponsorship from affiliate programs. Since holding private membership for over 4 years AussieDave has always … Read more

Bogus online casino watchdog

There are a number of online casino watchdog sites that genuinely look out for the interests of online casino players. They actively list rogue casinos and other dubious online gambling venues. More commonly known as sh!t hole clip joints. However just as there are casino watchdog sites run by responsible webmaster, there are some casino … Read more