ITSM Digital Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

ITS Management as it was formally known, now has a name change: ITSM.Digital. However, don’t let this new-site facade, lull you into a false sense of legitimacy. Because under that manufactured, fairy-tale veil of smoke and mirrors, still lurks a money-making ravenous beast. I’m all for working hard and making a good life. However, when making that money, turns to robbing their casino affiliates blind, then someone needs to stand up and speak up!

Rewards Affiliates is the program for which Casino Rewards online casinos are marketed. RA as it’s known has a plethora of affiliate partners, all promoting these casinos. It should be noted in 2011, Rewards Affiliates were busted at the GPWA, red handed, unethically cross-marketing to affiliate referred players, minus the referring affiliate’s tags.

Initially Renee (spokesperson for RA and CR it seems), strongly denied these unethical cross-marketing claims. The following is a direct quote from Renee at GPWA. We have been in the industry for over 10 years and we’ve been working with most of you. We are not out there to rip people off or shoot ourselves in the foot by trying to ‘steal’ from our advertisers and affiliates.

However, as more and more factual proof came to light, the truth; as it eventually always does, took front and centre stage. Finally both Rewards Affiliates, Casino Rewards and Renee were proved to be stealing affiliate referred tagged players, within hours of them signing up to the original referred casino.

The question that begs answering, which has never really been resolved is… How many of the total 20 online casinos purchased by James David Taylor, how many of these were purchases using STOLEN proceeds procured from that hard work of RA affiliate partners. My guess is most, if not all of them. Who is Mr Taylor? The owner of Casino Rewards, Rewards Affiliates, ITS Management, ITSM Digital and a crap-load of shelf companies, subsidiaries, trust accounts and anything else that’s been used to distance his ownership of these online casinos etc., etc.

It’s quite a long list, and a very knotted ball of string. But thankfully, human error always overturns the ‘apple cart’ of deception, lies, stolen players and affiliate commissions.

There’s a funny story I thought I’d share with you.

Back in 2012 the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (aka the ABC) ran an investigative news report on Casino Rewards. The TV show is the 7:30 Report. The long and short of it was… An overseas backpacker employed by ITS Management, was hired as a casino support worker. The job was to assist casino players via phone and other methods. However, this backpacker was also told to ‘flirt’ with customers, with the expectation to have casino players deposit more money. This flirting was supposedly heavily pushed by staff training. And, those customer support workers who got players to deposit more funds, would receive cash-bonuses.

This particular backpacker clearly had ethics, and subsequently blew the whistle on this dodgy practice, being perpetrated with credence by Casino Rewards and ITS Management.

Given everything that took place, the ABC handed their information to the Australian Federal Police (AFP), who, a few months later paid Mr James Taylor a visit, at the ITS Management offices Bondi, NSW. Clearly the AFP weren’t, at the time, at the top of their game, with conducting who owns what research. Mr Taylor spun the line that ITS Management was only a, well 3’rd party management company who provided support for the casinos, and that he or his companies did not own the casinos etc., etc., himself. Talk about talking oneself out of a curly situation.

Would the AFP today be interested in the joined dots about Mr Taylor’s true, bona fide ownership. I would guess so. What’s ever more ironic. The new offices of ITSM Digital in Darlinghurst, NSW, are leasing the ground floor to Centrelink, which is a Federal Gov., Agency.

Centrelink: is responsible for delivering a range of welfare payments, health insurance payments, child support payments and other support services to eligible Australian citizens and permanent residents.

So to put that into perspective… We have ITSM Digital which is a front for both online casinos and a casino affiliate program, leasing office space to a Federal Gov., Agency. Brilliant!