iGaming Crooks Conducting Criminal Acts

If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, you can be 99.999% sure. it’s a duck!

In keeping with this widely known concept, it shares a similar mindset with the criminal courts and sentencing acts. The last time I checked, to be found guilty of crooked conduct, proof about one’s criminal acts, must prove, beyond reasonable doubt, the accused party/parties are guilty of being crooks. So you can probably start to understand my sheer amazement, when, iGaming operators who choose to conduct criminal acts, yet seem to avoid prosecution, time and time again.

Point in question… The Gambling Portal Webmasters Association (GPWA). Back in April 2011, Rewards Affiliates a GPWA casino affiliate program paid sponsor, was accused of unethically cross-marketing to affiliate tagged players. Initially, the spokesperson for Rewards Affiliates, flatly denied any wrong doing. Stating they’re not out to steal from their affiliate partners.

As the factual proof began to mount, and this evidence started to stack up against the obvious lies being spun by Rewards Affiliates, it soon became clear, that in fact, tagged affiliate players where being hoodwinked, and commissions owed from these players were being stolen.

This frankly criminal act, and the proof stacked against Rewards Affiliates was so damning, a private GPWA members poll was ran, to decide whether or not this affiliate program sponsor should be stripped of their sponsorship, and kicked out of the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association. After a week or so, the voting returning a deafening YES!

However, the owner and CEO of the GPWA, Mr Michael Corfman, decided not to act. Instead, spun a load of garbage, claiming, the voting poll was not to decide whether to kick Rewards Affiliates, but instead, to gauge a feeling on how the GPWA private members felt about this matter.

12.5 years on from this criminal act; theft of commissions from affiliates, and my skin still crawls, thinking about the white-wash the GPWA CEO did, not only to condone the Rewards Affiliates crooked conduct, but to also allow this casino affiliate program to continue to operate as a GPWA sponsor. To this day Rewards Affiliates still pay the GPWA for sponsorship. It would seem that casino affiliate program sponsorship also entails looking the other way, and spinning a pack of untruths, and in doing so, provide dodgy criminal like programs a safe habour.

Since All 22 Rewards Affiliates Casinos Uethical Cross Marketing
were busted, and then subsequently protected by Mr Corfman the GPWA CEO, there has been a long list of many other questionable decisions, made in favour of paid sponsors. So much so, that one can’t help wonder, how much these sponsor programs are paying for protection. Surely, there has to be some type of contra deal going on here?

Thing that bothers me, the GPWA is supposed to be 1’st and foremost for gambling affiliates. Yet, it seems, these folks, who in most part are small one person entities, are time and time again, thrown under the bus, all in an effort to make the GPWA CEO cash. GPWA members are nothing more than blips on a screen. They are cannon fodder, to gain higher sponsorshp dollars, or so it seems to be the case.

When the GPWA is asked to act for their members, about a sponsor who doesn’t pay, the GPWA staff et al, do nothing. Or if they do, it’s about making up BS to protect the paid sponsorship.

iGaming criminals conducting crooked acts, instead of being made accountable, the people and websites who could do something, don’t, because it seems doing so isn’t good for business!

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