Unibet SpinCity Mobile Casino App

With so many web casinos and their ubundance of slot machines, it’s hard to come up with unique names. With mobile casino Apps being very popular, the same naming issues must also be problem too. However how hard is it to do a search on Google? Simply answer, it’s not hard at all. Just type … Read more

138.com Retroactively Adds Player Quotas

It really chews my goat when, casino affiliate programs make contractual promises, then, at a later date, screw their partners with retroactive T&C changes. Well the 138.com Affiliate Program has done just that. They have retroactively changed affiliate contracts to include minimum monthly player quota’s. Payable Revenue/Commission Payouts Commission is calculated as net revenue (gross … Read more

Buffalo Partners Locking Player Accounts

In August 2014 the Blacklisted Wagershare merged with Referback, to become Buffalo Partners. Since the takeover, Wagershare is now calling the shots at this casino affiliate program. The first month they hit affiliates with high roller clauses. Buffalo Partners claimed these high roller clauses were in RB T&C’s. Well, I used the Wayback Machine and … Read more