Does Brightshare Run Two Databases

At worst the online casino industry is like wading through a muddy swamp. At best affiliate partners can only hope the programs they partner with, operate with ethics and honesty. However given vast amounts of money can be skimmed from untagging players from affiliates and other crooked scams, there are programs who will run the … Read more

Brightshare Scams iGaming Business Partners

Yes, I have a very real agenda which involves Spiral Solutions and the Brightshare casino affiliate program.  I think it’s fair to say, like most online affiliates, I too expect honest business dealings from companies I partner. However it seems both Brightshare and Spiral Solutions are morally and ethically bankrupt. Can online casino affiliates trust … Read more

Brightshare and Their Dodgy Bed Partners

Brightshare = Spiral Solutions = ASUSA As I had posted in other locations several things indicated that Brightshare was acting as ASUSA. I received Brightshare payments into Quicktender that showed up as being sent by ASUSA. Shelley from Brightshare was logged into AGD and posting using the ASUSA account “Janet” and signing the post “Shelley” … Read more

Spiral Solutions More of The Same BS

Over the years, I’ve had to deal with companies with regard to faulty products. More to the point, I’ve also had to deal with affiliate programs to get things fixed. It seems those companies who are unwilling to help or use tactics to complicate the issue, these bad customer attitudes all seems to flows down … Read more

Most Dishonest Casino Affiliate Programs

Dodgy Casino Affiliate Programs Given I’ve been an affiliate in the online casino industy since 2000, I could write a book on the who’s who on crooks connected to casino affiliate programs. In saying that, it still amazes me, affiliates will signed up with dishonest operators even when they open a new casino affiliate program.  … Read more

Can Brightshare Casino Affiliate Program Be Trusted?

Being an online affiliate means placing 100% blind trust in the program you partner. That’s a fact played down a lot, especially in relation to casino affiliate programs. It’s certainly a question any casino webmaster thinking about partnering with Brightshare, should weight up. From past events, it seems honesty isn’t one of Brighshare’s strong points. … Read more

Fortune Affiliates Shafts Casino Affiliate Partner

I’ve held a casino affiliate account with Fortune Affiliates for longer than I can remember. This long standing relationship with Fortune Affiliates was further galvanized in 2007, when my search engine optimization business, was awarded, the SEO contract for Vegas Palms Casino. In addition, Fortune Affiliates entered into an agreement with me, to provide a … Read more

Brightshare Withholds Rightful Earnings

Seems Brightshare still hold an arrogance toward the rights of their casino affiliate partners. Clearly this can been seen by the broad-siding of casino affiliates in late March 2013, with the Brighshate retroactively changed terms and conditions. Which I’ll add, webmaster soon stood back to back and opposed the decision. Subsequently the pressure forced the … Read more