Unibet SpinCity Mobile Casino App

With so many web casinos and their ubundance of slot machines, it’s hard to come up with unique names. With mobile casino Apps being very popular, the same naming issues must also be problem too. However how hard is it to do a search on Google? Simply answer, it’s not hard at all. Just type … Read more

Blacklisting Tropica Casino Using FU Clauses

Gambling is a risk in-itself. However no legitimate online casino player, should have to gamble on being paid their winnings. Sadly though, at Tropica Casino, a Rival powered White Label, that’s exactly what awaits unsuspecting gamblers. On the 18/19’th of March 2015, I claimed a 300% bonus. I deposited $30AUD and was given a $90AUD … Read more

Duel5 Casino Spam

Seems the Duel5 Affiliate program is not checking new affiliate applications properly, allowing rogue affiliates to spam. Duel5 Casino is powered by B3W Group and the Duel5 affiliate program uses the B3W Group conduit (b3waffiliation.com) signup form. When I perused the Terms and Conditions, the page was blank b3waffiliation.com/tac.aspx?group=5b335d Which isn’t a good sign in … Read more

Good Lucky Finding Honesty in Online Gambling

Seems greed is the root of all evil today in the online gambling industry. For casinos, poker-rooms and sports-books who are unethically challenged bastards, they surely know the difference between right and wrong because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t try to hide their dishonest dealings. Has Online Gambling Always Been Dishonest? When you see an … Read more

Microgaming Ezy Bonus System Scam

For those of you who play Microgaming online casinos, practically every casino uses the Ezy Bonus System. I remember when this was first introduced. It was totted as the solution to eliminate casino bonus confusion for players. As example, Player A deposits $100 cash and receives a $100 bonus. Casino X has a 30x play … Read more

Lock Casino Shares Player Information with Casino Forum

LockCasino.com a relatively new online casino powered by RTG (real time gaming), shared player information with the owner of CasinoMeister.com and one of the casino forum Moderators early this week, week commencing 3’rd of May 2010. Subsequently excerpts of an email sent to Lock Casino support staff by the VIP player (TonyT), was posted to … Read more