Rogue casino Terminology

Lingo & Terminology

Common rogue terminology and Lingo used at casino forums and blogs.  These terms describe the actions of dubious casinos and the dodgy actions of rogue online casino operators:

Blacklisted Casinos

A list of online casino venues which are not trustworthy. These are generally found on sites owned by integrity driven casino affiliates and or casino watchdog sites. They are used to warn players about rogue casinos.  A casino blacklist may also include the casino software provider and other important information about each dodgy casino listing.

Casino & Gambling Shill

A person who posts to a forum or blog about a topic or a casino.  The poster either works for the online casino or is some way connected to it. Generally a Shill is someone who holds a vested interest. EG – Has anyone played at xyz casino? I found it the other day and they offered a 500% bonus so I dropped $100 and guess what? I’ve now withdrawn $5,000. I can hardly believe it! this place rocks. I would highly recommend xyz casino. This is a good example of how a Shill would post about an online casino to a forum or blog.

Casino Clip Joint

An online casino with zero ethics and no scruples.They use bonus T&C FU-Clauses to steal player winnings. Clip joints usually spam, use dodgy marketing to scam players and essentially lie through their back teeth.

Dodgy Casinos

The same as a clip joint. Can’t be trusted. An online casino who operates in a rogue manner.

FU Clause

F#ck You Clauses are used by dodgy casinos, to void the winnings of legitimate players. Typically an FU-Clause or FU-Clauses are designed to place a player in a severe disadvantage. As such it’s likely any player taking a sign-up bonus will inevitably break these dodgy casino T&C’s.

Rogue Online Casino

An internet casino who operates in a dodgy manner.This may include not paying winnings, persistently making false & or misleading promotions that the casino does not honour or claims the bonus offer has expired after players have deposited. Changing the casino terms and conditions after it has accepted a wager(s). Generally an online casino is considered a rogue when it scams players.

Unethical Casino Marketing

One of the most known of these tricks, is sending out promotional emails to players stating they’ve won free slot spins. However the casino player hasn’t won anything. They can’t received these free spins without making a deposit. It’s false and misleading advertising.