Japan & New Zealand Earthquake Donations – Scam Warnings

Anyone who makes a donation to help those less fortunate, is a commendable virtue. Donations for people affect by the Japan and New Zealand earthquakes are being sent the world over to help rebuild the shatter lives of those who have endure these disasters. However there are those who see these events as a way … Read more

Scammed by Casino Online Gambling Clip Joint

Have you been the victim of an online casino scamming you of your rightful winnings? Here at Dodgy Online Casino History we want to hear your story. Although gambling online these days it a lot safer than it used to be, there are still gambling rogue clip joints out to hoodwink and scam innocent players … Read more

Casino Players Welfare Comes First

Personalities nor differences should never take precedence over protecting online casino players. No punches held back here, I’m an outspoken gaming affiliate on issues relating to fair play for all. Over the years I’ve ruffled more than a few feathers.  I doubt I’d win any popularity awards in the online gaming industry. But I’m OK … Read more