Brightshare Merges with Fortune Affiliates

While I had previous knowledge of this merger, I was told in confidence. Hence that’s how it stayed. However, on the 26’th of June 2017, Brightshare finally sent out a mailer informing their affiliate partners, of the merger to Fortune Affiliates. Brightshare casinos will now be operated under the umbrella of Fortune Lounge Group, aka … Read more

Fortune Affiliates Commission Payment Issues

A loyal casino affiliate who has promoted the Fortune Affiliates (FA) Casino brands for over 10 years, is still owed commissions since May 2014. This person has made numerous contacts with his affiliate manager and has been promised payment. Yet each time Fortune Affiliates has broken their promise and not paid this money owing. It … Read more

Fortune Affiliates Shafts Casino Affiliate Partner

I’ve held a casino affiliate account with Fortune Affiliates for longer than I can remember. This long standing relationship with Fortune Affiliates was further galvanized in 2007, when my search engine optimization business, was awarded, the SEO contract for Vegas Palms Casino. In addition, Fortune Affiliates entered into an agreement with me, to provide a … Read more