Brightshare Affiliates Program Gone Bad

Partnering with affiliate programs is about trust, especially those who are gambling affiliates but Brightshare Affiliates totally destroyed that trust on May 1’st 2013, by retroactively changing their affiliates contractual agreements. Why is trust important? These online marketing programs track and hold customer data and player stats. These are used to calculate affiliate commission payments.  Affiliate contract agreements also state commission percentages.  When partners join gambling affiliate programs and are promised life time revenue of the life of each player,  on an agreed commission percentage, that agreement is for the life of each referred player.

Brightshare Affiliates

Online marketing affiliates work damn hard. With regard to Brightshare Affiliates, numerous partners had been with them over 10 years.  To have an affiliate program who you’ve given loyal support to for many years, to wake up one day and get blindsided with retroactively changed contract agreements, which, effectively can steal your referred players and rob your commissions, is the gift Brightshare Affiliates gave their gambling affiliate partners on May 1’st 2013.

What really cut deep, was  their trust in the Brighshare had been trashed.  Without any warning,  their loyal gambling affiliates had just been royally kicked in the cods and Brightshare couldn’t care less.  Excuses of changes in markets and other lame justifications were riff.  To add insult to injury, the Brightshare tag line is, Playing fair. Sharing the wealth.

Brightshare Blacklisted

Although Brightshare have now reversed the retroactive changes to their gambling affiliates contracts for past referred players, any players who are tagged on or after the 1’st of May 2013, will be bound by the new terms and conditions. While this may seem acceptable to some, it certainly is not accepted by the vast majority of Brightshare affiliates. These new contractual T&C’s are shocking, it’s why DOCH like others are enforcing Brightshare Blacklisted warnings.