Microgaming Casino Accepting Bets From Banned Country

A few months back at CAP (Casino Affiliate Program) an affiliate who promoted Platinum Play casino to his French player base, made a public forum post accusing Fortune Affiliates and essentially Fortune Lounge Group, of accepting bets from France, even though approx two (2) years previously Microgaming had announced, it would no longer accept real bets from … Read more

Casino Affiliate Programs Bogus Bonus Scam

Online casino bonuses are the cause of many player disputes. While performance based rewards have been suggested as an alternative, they all continue to give deposit incentives. Why? Are their affiliate programs using a bogus bonus scam to shave you! A few months ago I was reviewing player stats on a number of casino affiliate programs … Read more

Gambling Affiliate Programs Shaving Stats

It takes little to realize gambling affiliate programs can easily shave stats and cook the books of their partners and get-away with it! Before entering the online gaming industry, I thought I’d meet people who could spin a line. But they hold nothing on some affiliate managers I’ve met, as an online casino affiliate. Think … Read more

eCOGRA Duty of Care Affiliate Trust Seals

Are the eCogra affiliate trust seals worthless? A valid question. One which the CEO of eCOGRA Mr Andrew Beveridge, refuses to be accountable for. These accredited casino programs seem to have carte blanche to do what they like to their affiliate partners. I’m aware of multiple complaints submitted by gambling affiliates about sealed casinos accredited by … Read more

Gambling Affiliates Risk Losing Commissions

One of the greatest risks for gambling affiliates is having their players and commissions shaved, by affiliate programs they partner with.  Some may say, it’s part and parcel of doing business in the online gaming industry. Albeit there are dodgy gambling affiliate program who will use any method to rob affiliates of both referred players … Read more