Month: October 2010

BetUS Casino Warning

BetUS is not a Rival white label casino but was listed in our rival casinos warning page. A while back I was contacted by the affiliate program director of BetUS. She was concerned that BetUS was listed in the online casino warnings. After reading here response and doing some searches I couldn’t find anything against […]

Bewinners Affiliate Scam

Bwin Rogue Affiliate Program There seems little hope that Bwin and its affiliate program Bewinners is going to back down on retroactively changing affiliate contracts. Bwin Gaming affiliates and their new affiliate program Bewinners – established since the merger of PartyGaming and Bwin, are stealing the rightful income revenue from affiliates who have promoted Bwin. […]

Casino Promotion Abuse

Casino Promotion Bonuses Casinos use welcome bonuses to entice new players to sign-up and deposit. All Casino promotions have some type of terms and conditions attached to a bonus – especially with welcome bonuses. From a casinos stand point T&C’s are implemented to avoid bonus abuse, a minimum wagering (differs between casino) on bonus money […]

21GrandCasino Blacklisted Rogue

I don’t get kicks from placing a rogue listing on any casino. However there comes a time when you have to wake up and smell the coffee. In the case of the Rival white label that coffee is well and truly burnt. There have been numerous complaints filed at from players who have […]

Bwin & Bewinners Affiliate Program Scam

The recent merger of Bwin and PartyGaming was generally welcomed by affiliates. Most saw working with the largest, publicly traded, online gaming company as a positive step forward for the internet gaming industry. However these high expectation were literally smashed, when Bwin and their new affiliate program Bewinners announced it’s retroactively changing affiliate contracts. Bottom […] Shafts Affiliates Retroactively Changes Affiliate Program Contracts Most internet gaming venues use affiliates to market their casinos, poker rooms and sports-books to online gamblers. For the affiliates part in promoting such gaming venues, they receive a revenue share deal. Part of this agreement means that an affiliate will receive a commission on the loses for the […]