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Brightshare Scams iGaming Business Partners

Yes, I have a very real agenda which involves Spiral Solutions and the Brightshare casino affiliate program.  I think it’s fair to say, like most online affiliates, I too expect honest business dealings from companies I partner. However it seems both Brightshare and Spiral Solutions are morally and ethically bankrupt. Can online casino affiliates trust […]

Brightshare and Their Dodgy Bed Partners

Brightshare = Spiral Solutions = ASUSA As I had posted in other locations several things indicated that Brightshare was acting as ASUSA. I received Brightshare payments into Quicktender that showed up as being sent by ASUSA. Shelley from Brightshare was logged into AGD and posting using the ASUSA account “Janet” and signing the post “Shelley” […]

Brightshare Breach Their Terms & Conditions

DOCH blacklisted Brightshare casino affiliate program because they blindsided their partners with retroactively changed contractual agreements. Many other sites followed suit and blacklisted Brightshare.  Since then, this casino affiliate program has come to their senses and over-turned the retroactively changes for already signed up affiliate partners. It’s all good and well to make changes and […]

Brightshare Shafts Casino Affiliate Partners

On May 1’st 2013 the Brightshare casino affiliate program retroactively changed their partners contractual agreements. Thereby forcing Terms & Conditions permitting Brightshare to steal not only referred tagged players but the rightful commissions of their casino affiliate webmasters. These actions come hot on the heels of other rogue programs such as Wagershare and Roxy Affiliates, […]