Who What Where Cash Switcheroo!

In my previous blog article about Fresh Horizons Ltd, I spoke of ITSM.Digital and their “ball of knotted string” analogy. All relating to their plethora of companies, shelf companies, subsidiaries, trust accounts, including owners and others. It’s a myriad of associated switcheroos, all designed to hide the true nature of their business interests. That being … Read more

Fresh Horizons Ltd Kotaro Shimogori Irony

If irony had a place to call home, it would be the online casino industry. All the dodgy affiliate programs, and casino hucksters, is enough to make you wonder, if, the industry is run by crooks. To ensure we’re on the same page, most casinos online have an affiliate program, which is owned by the … Read more

CWinz Scams Affiliate Partners

In the online igaming industry, there’s a golden rule. Most affiliate programs adhere to this rule. However, some don’t. Those clip-joints who don’t, It’s nothing short of theft. The honest rule is, when an affiliate refers a NDP (new depositing player), and the casino or sportsbook makes positive NGR (net gaming revenue) at end of … Read more

ITS Management Darlinghurst Casino Rewards

ITSM.digital Darlinghurst has received a lot of negative feedback from past employees. Yes, it’s fair to say that sometimes,disgruntled employees leave negative comments about past employers. However, I doubt this is the case here with ITSM Digital. What folks don’t know is, ITSM Digital paints itself as a highly successful, international Multimedia Company. However, that’s … Read more

Rewards Affiliates NZ Consumption Tax Really?

According to Ms Renee. M. the RewardsAffiliates.com program coordinator, CasinoRewards.com et al, have been paying New Zealand consumption tax, since 2017. I received this information from her, via email. The first time I heard about this NZ Tax, was in August 2020, when, my affiliate commission was short-changed by around US$3,300. I made contact with … Read more

iGaming Crooks Conducting Criminal Acts

If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, you can be 99.999% sure. it’s a duck! In keeping with this widely known concept, it shares a similar mindset with the criminal courts and sentencing acts. The last time I checked, to be found guilty of crooked conduct, proof about one’s criminal acts, … Read more

ITSM Digital Darlinghurst Equals Online Casinos

The website of ITSM.Digital, certainly deploys a professional and polished image. You’d definitely think it was a thriving online marketing company, based in Darlinghurst Australia.  However, as the saying goes: never judge a book by its cover! Scratch the surface, and soon you’ll realise basic characteristics of a company of this size (300 to 500 … Read more

Who Owns iGaming Affiliate Tagged Players?

The number of gambling affiliate programs terminating partner accounts, which is the crooked act of stealing both tagged players, and promised monthly commissions, these unethical cash-grabs are at an all time high. For those not in the know, affiliates generally work on 3 types of payment structures. These are: Revenue Share – where one shares … Read more

AU NZ Tax Invoices Rewards Affiliates Refusal

Australia and New Zealand have a tax-treaty. This means, tax paid by a citizen of AU or NZ, in either of these two (2) countries, is permitted to use those tax payments, as deductions against their own yearly tax returns. Because I’m an Australia citizen, the NZ Tax which Rewards Affiliates were garnishing from my … Read more

ITSM Digital Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

ITS Management as it was formally known, now has a name change: ITSM.Digital. However, don’t let this new-site facade, lull you into a false sense of legitimacy. Because under that manufactured, fairy-tale veil of smoke and mirrors, still lurks a money-making ravenous beast. I’m all for working hard and making a good life. However, when … Read more

Too Many iGaming Affiliate Program Crooks

After devoting more than 10 years of my time, which also included financially supporting DodgyOnlineCasinoHistory.net myself, while fighting for the rights of both gambling affiliates and casino players, I had to regrettably place my needs 1’st. As such, I retired this site. That was around 2019. Since then, I’ve watched not only my own rightful … Read more

Video Slots Affiliates Blacklisted

There are plenty of ways to skin a cat. This is certainly true for casino affiliates commission calculations. The biggest headache for igaming partners is, the limited data some affiliate programs supply. Video Slots Affiliates, is one such program. Sometime back in 2014 (maybe earlier), they completely removed vital player data. At the time, Video … Read more

Brightshare Merges with Fortune Affiliates

While I had previous knowledge of this merger, I was told in confidence. Hence that’s how it stayed. However, on the 26’th of June 2017, Brightshare finally sent out a mailer informing their affiliate partners, of the merger to Fortune Affiliates. Brightshare casinos will now be operated under the umbrella of Fortune Lounge Group, aka … Read more

Cyberrock Entertainment NV Casinos Warning

Trust is the cornerstone of gambling online. But, there are still dodgy casino operators in the online gaming industry. One such rogue eGaming group is, Cyberrock Entertainment N.V. They have a very bad reputation for unethical casino operator practices. Although licensed by the Curacao Gaming Commission, the commission is useless and does nothing to protect … Read more