Brightshare Breach Their Terms & Conditions

DOCH blacklisted Brightshare casino affiliate program because they blindsided their partners with retroactively changed contractual agreements. Many other sites followed suit and blacklisted Brightshare.¬† Since then, this casino affiliate program has come to their senses and over-turned the retroactively changes for already signed up affiliate partners. It’s all good and well to make changes and … Read more

SportsBet Affiliates Steals Partner Commissions

Early this year, I was informed about SportsBet an Australian based online sportsbook owned by Paddy Power and regulated by the Northern Territory of Australia, had recently made retroactive changes to their affiliates contractual agreements. These changes included the clause 5.2.2. This effectively give Carte Blanche (at their whim), to forfeit earnings if a … Read more

Commission Lounge Blacklisted

Online gambling affiliates awoke to a disturbing email on the 1’st July 2013¬†sent by Commission Lounge. As of the 1’st of September 2013, they are withdrawing their previous promise of Life-Time Revenue and replacing it with, a 24 month shelf life on all tagged players. Commission Lounge Breaches Affiliate Contracts This is the payload from … Read more