ITSM Digital Darlinghurst Equals Online Casinos

The website of ITSM.Digital, certainly deploys a professional and polished image. You’d definitely think it was a thriving online marketing company, based in Darlinghurst Australia.  However, as the saying goes: never judge a book by its cover! Scratch the surface, and soon you’ll realise basic characteristics of a company of this size (300 to 500 staff), is missing.

Firstly, lots of buzz-wording, but what exactly does ITSM Digital do?  Online Marketing, that’s a very broad description. Every online marketing company I’ve dealt with, say, since Social Media became a signalling factor for SE ranking, every online marketing company worth their weight, has a presence on X (twitter), Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and that’s just naming a few.

I can’t help but wonder, why, a company the size of ITSM.Digital Darlinghurst, has a contact page but it’s only populated with a Linkedin link, telling a visitor to make contact on their Linkedin page. Odd isn’t the word I use to describe that lack on info. In fact, all that’s on the ITSM contact page is: the Linkedin link and their office address: 137-153 Crown St, Darlinghurst. As you can see below.

ITSM.Digital Darlinghurst Australian, contact page image


  • No company phone number.
  • No company email addresses.
  • Not even a email contact form.

Link to:, their former company name. You can read all about this dodgy igaming operator here, on DOCH: ITS Management.

This con continues, with its claws stuck into the Australian Federal Government’s leasing Dept. The newly refurbished (AU$24.5Mil) offices of ITSM Digital Darlinghurst, are leasing the ground floor space to the Australia Federal Government, which has a five (5) year lease, and is housing a Centrelink office. From my research that points to Darlinghurst Centerlink.

Given the Australian Federal Government, banned online casinos, with the amended 2017 IGA (Interactive Gambling Act), I’m pretty sure the ACMA and Federal AU Government, wouldn’t be too thrilled to discover, they’re paying rent to the owner of 22 online casinos, a casino affiliate program and 24/7 online casino support, directly above the Darlinghurst Centerlink Office.

Talk about irony. lol.

Worse. Yes it can get worse. A lot worse. ITSM Digital Darlinghurst, like ITS Management, would claim their a 3’rd party management company, who doesn’t own the online-casinos etc., instead offers a management service. That might wash with those who can’t or haven’t joined the dots. However, DOCH isn’t one of them. All roads lead back to James David Taylor, the CEO of ITSM.Digital and owners of the entire stock and barrel for this Australian unlicensed igaming operator.

If that’s not enough to make you go what tha???!!!

Jimmy and his band of crooks have been stealing for their affiliate partners, in the form of New Zealand Tax.  Australia and New Zealand have a tax treaty. Meaning, if your an Aussie or Kiwi citizen,and your paying take in either or both countries, you can claim that tax against your country’s yearly tax return. To do that, lets say as a contractor or subby, you request tax invoices from the company who is garnishing that tax, from your Gross Earnings.

Any company paying NZ Tax which is taken from anther person, that company in obligated by law to provide NX Tax statements when asked.

ITSM.Digital and their casino affiliate program, Rewards Affiliates, flatly refuse to provide these New Zealand Tax Invoices. Now either one (1) of two (2) scenarios are taking place here with regards to ITSM Digital, Casino Rewards, Rewards Affiliates et al.

  1. Pocketing the New Zealand Tax
  2. Claiming the NZ Tax again their own AU taxes

Both acts are criminal. Both a criminal Fraud, and maybe even conspiracy to commit fraud.

I can’t help but image the look on the Federal Member’s face, when I hand over all the evidence of this monumental scam, and 100’s million dollars, Australian Tax Fraud.