iGaming Crooks Conducting Criminal Acts

If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, you can be 99.999% sure. it’s a duck! In keeping with this widely known concept, it shares a similar mindset with the criminal courts and sentencing acts. The last time I checked, to be found guilty of crooked conduct, proof about one’s criminal acts, … Read more

ITSM Digital Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

ITS Management as it was formally known, now has a name change: ITSM.Digital. However, don’t let this new-site facade, lull you into a false sense of legitimacy. Because under that manufactured, fairy-tale veil of smoke and mirrors, still lurks a money-making ravenous beast. I’m all for working hard and making a good life. However, when … Read more

Most Dishonest Casino Affiliate Programs

Dodgy Casino Affiliate Programs Given I’ve been an affiliate in the online casino industy since 2000, I could write a book on the who’s who on crooks connected to casino affiliate programs. In saying that, it still amazes me, affiliates will signed up with dishonest operators even when they open a new casino affiliate program.  … Read more

Rewards Affiliates Scam at GPWA

From March 8’th 2011 at the GPWA (Gambling Portal Webmasters Association) a long time forum member posted proof that Rewards Affiliates were scamming their affiliate partners with unethical cross marketing.  Its been proven with factual evidence Rewards Affiliates scam their affiliate partners by contacting their tag players with untagged links. A private GPWA voting poll … Read more

Rewards Affiliates Hijacking Tagged Players

Casino affiliates make their commission by referring players to online casinos. These players are tracked by a unique affiliate code, sometimes called a btag. When a player signs-up, that player is tagged to the affiliate who referred them. Respectable casino affiliate programs understand, the casino would not have these player details if, the affiliate did not … Read more

Casino Rewards Cross Marketing

Most online casinos use an affiliate program to enlist websites to promote their casino brands. The majority of these programs are owned and operated under the guise of the company who owns the online casino or casino group.  Some of the larger groups of casinos also have a dedicated loyalty program run through a separate … Read more