Casino Affiliate Programs Warnings

There is a bad trend emerging with casino affiliate programs, which will produce a negative impact on future affiliate income. I’m referring to retroactively changed contracts of partner agreements. These dodgy changes affect every affiliate signed up to any program who uses such rogue T&C’s. While all affiliate programs will have clauses to protect their brands, these clauses should only be used if an affiliate is gaming the system. However the latest trend is clearly not about penalizing wayward partners. These retroactively changed contract terms are being implemented to steal the rightful commissions and referred players too.

Casino Affiliate Programs Stealing Commissions

If an affiliate program promises to pay a partner revenue for the life, on every referred player for an agreed percentage base, then the casino affiliate program must honor this agreement. Retroactive changes to already agreed upon contractual affiliate agreements, where stealing commissions is at risk of being lost, is nothing less than theft.

Casino Affiliate Programs Stealing Tagged Players

Changing contractual agreements which implement a clause such as: If a newly referred player does not deposit within 90 days, the affiliate program has the right to drop tagged players from an affiliate account. Again this is nothing less than theft. These casino affiliate programs would not have the player in the first place if online gaming affiliates did not refer them to their casinos.

Reiterating, there is a very real increase in the number of casino affiliate programs implementing retroactive changes to affiliate partner agreements.