Affactive Casino Affiliate Program Warning

The tell-tale signs a casino affiliate program has problems, is with non-payment of commission excuses. Over the last few months, Affactive has been using the same excuses on numerous affiliate partners, claiming they’re sending incentivized traffic or players are making chargebacks. When affiliate program partners are shafted, they speak-out on casino affiliate forums. The complaints … Read more

Fake Certified Affiliate Casino Programs

Casino affiliates who want to promote ethical online gaming properties, will usually pick a certified affiliate program. But are these sealed certifications trustworthy or are they worthless? Through my 14 years as a casino affiliates, sadly it would seem, the later applies. All fine and dandy to say an affiliate progam has had its tracking … Read more

iGame Casino Scams Affiliates and Players

A Refer a Friend Promotion has commenced at iGame Casino. Mr Shaun O’Neill, the Head of affiliate marketing at, has turned a clear disadvantage for both iGame Affiliates and Players, into a sweet smelling rose! Though like cow manure is used to firtilise plants, have used Bullshit and Spin to make this promotion … Read more

Ladbrokes Shafts Loyal Casino Affiliate

Meaning of Loyalty A loyal feeling : a feeling of strong support for someone or something In the case of this Ladbrokes casino affiliates, their loyalty to Ladbrokes spans eight (8) years. Even when Ladbrokes was rogued by most affiliate forums, for breaking their life time promises to USA affiliates and subsequently closing their accounts, … Read more

Fortune Affiliates Commission Payment Issues

A loyal casino affiliate who has promoted the Fortune Affiliates (FA) Casino brands for over 10 years, is still owed commissions since May 2014. This person has made numerous contacts with his affiliate manager and has been promised payment. Yet each time Fortune Affiliates has broken their promise and not paid this money owing. It … Read more

Duel5 Casino Spam

Seems the Duel5 Affiliate program is not checking new affiliate applications properly, allowing rogue affiliates to spam. Duel5 Casino is powered by B3W Group and the Duel5 affiliate program uses the B3W Group conduit ( signup form. When I perused the Terms and Conditions, the page was blank Which isn’t a good sign in … Read more