Who Owns iGaming Affiliate Tagged Players?

The number of gambling affiliate programs terminating partner accounts, which is the crooked act of stealing both tagged players, and promised monthly commissions, these unethical cash-grabs are at an all time high. For those not in the know, affiliates generally work on 3 types of payment structures. These are:

  • Revenue Share – where one shares a % of the Net Gaming Revenue (monthly commissions, life of player)
  • Wager Share – a % of the theoretical TRTP (return to player) of a certain game type (monthly commissions, life of player)
  • CPA – Click Per Action. Affiliate refers player to casino, player must deposit an agreed minimum value, if this happen, the affiliate is paid a one (1) time fee for that player.

Aside from a CPA, where the affiliate actually receives a once off payment for that player. That is the affiliate sells that player to the igaming operator, every other payment structure, does not transfer ownership of said player to the igaming operator. Yet, every online casino, poker room, sportsbook and bingo hall, ALL assume they own the player.

With regards to terminating an account. Either party can do that. However, if the referred players are still depositing, and the affiliate program and or operator are making money from that player, then the affiliate should still receive their ongoing, life time commissions for that player.

Reiterating, just because the affiliate refers the player to X igaming venue, that doesn’t equate to the affiliate giving up that player to the operator, unless they using a CPA or Media Buy. Anything else is a pure con, and theft.