iNetbet Casino Rogued

Operating an online casino demands ethics and integrity, over and above fair gaming, fast pay-outs and excellent customer support. An operator who runs their casino operations by these virtues and adheres to responsible gaming practices is what separates reputable casinos from the crowd.

The most important factor of responsible gaming practices is to honour the request of a player to close their casino account.  Why a player decides to close an account is irrelevant. However any casino who maintains they adhere to responsible gaming practices but then contacts a closed account holder with free bonuses or promos is highly irresponsible. It’s the reason why I have chosen to blacklist and rogue iNetbet casino.

iNetbet used to have a very good reputation. However over the last two (2) years I’ve seen numerous complaints on casino forums. I too have experienced a number of issues which have left me shaking my head at the current trend of irresponsibility at

  • iNetbet lost my personal identification documents – Scanned drivers license and utility bill.
  • I requested my iNetbet casino account closed – Contacted later with free chips and promos.

iNetbet Refuses to Close Casino Player Account

I requested my iNetbet casino account closed on the 11’th June 2010.
However iNetbet contacted me on the 21’st July 2010 – they’d added a free chip to my account. I respond telling them not to contact me as the account was closed on the 11’th June 2010. Obviously iNetbet do not understand English, because on the 25’th September 2010 I was contacted again with another onslaught of casino bonus offers. Screen caps of these email viewed below:

11’th June 2010 – iNetbet close account email request.
Initial Request to iNetbet to Close Casino Account
21’st July 2010 – iNetbet Promos sent to closed casino account holder.
iNetbet Promos to Closed Account
25’th September 2010 – iNetbet contacts closed account holder again with promos.
iNetBet Told to Stop Sending Promos to Closed Account

The following link is the to responsible gaming page which clearly states they will close a player account immediately on request.

Quoted from iNetBet Responsible Gaming Page
We fully support and actively encourage responsible gaming; we have therefore introduced certain measures to ensure you a safe and pleasurable experience at iNetBet.

  • Our support team is experienced and versed on how to identify compulsive gamblers.
  • If you request that your account at iNetBet be closed, we will do so immediately.
  • INetBet will implement deposit limits to individual accounts upon request.

For document posterity, screen capture of  iNetbet web page: iNetbet Responsible Gaming Page.

iNetbet Accredited Casino

In an almost identical fashion, 32Vegas casino was rogued at CasinoMeister™ for exactly the same thing as iNebet has done. Although there’s been numerous complaints about iNetbet on the forums at this site, ironically iNebet remains in the accedited casino listings on CasinoMeister™.

NB – Due to a change in ownership of 32Vegas/21Nova CasinoMeister™ has given the new owners a chance to redeem this casinos reputation. However it’s a bizarre choice, given the new owners are currently being sued by 32Red Plc over TradeMark infringement.
32Vegas Rogued

iNetbet Casino Blacklisted

Reiterating having seen numerous issues and complaints towards iNetbet on casino forums over the past two (2) years and experiencing what I consider to be rogue casino behaviour, I’ve decided to Blacklist iNetbet Casino. It’s a pity to see a casino which I once regarded as a highly reputable online casino, go down the drain like this.