Grand Hotel Casino Blacklisted

Yesterday, Dodgy Online Casino History issued a warning to all casino affiliates the Vegas Affiliates program should not be trusted. Read the fully story concerning the Vegas Affiliates Warning.

I’ve since decided to issue warnings on all online casinos owned and operated by the Mini Vegas Group. Vegas Affiliates have no qualms in screwing over their casino affiliates, then it’s likely Mini Vegas Group is also screwing their casino players too.

Included in this list of  online casinos and Vegas Affiliates owned by Mini Vegas Group, there is also  Casino VIP Lounge. Another of the controversial issue surrounding the reason why this online casino group has been blacklisted.  It was first brought to light from an affiliate who promoted Grand Hotel Casino, that every player sent to this online casino was not tracked the Casino VIP Lounge. In effect any player going via this link could then click on any of the casinos featured on the page of Casino VIP Lounge and would not be tagged to this affiliates account.

It’s been reported that Vegas Affiliates along with Mini Vegas Group are closing forcibly closing any and all affiliate accounts if anyone of their partners voices their freedom of speech on these dodgy events. As such, in the best interests of both casino affiliates and online casino players, I’ve decided to add the following warnings:

Mini Vegas Group Blacklist

  • Grand Hotel Casino Blacklisted
  • Vegas Joker Casino Blacklisted
  • Vegas Slot Casino Blacklisted
  • Vegas Country Casino Blacklisted
  • Colosseum Casino Blacklisted
  • Vegas 7 Casino Blacklisted
  • Vegas Poker Casino Blacklisted
  • Floridita Club Casino Blacklisted
  • Vegas Affiliates Blacklisted
  • Casino VIP Lounge Blacklisted
  • Mini Vegas Group Blacklisted