Casino Players Welfare Comes First

Personalities nor differences should never take precedence over protecting online casino players.

No punches held back here, I’m an outspoken gaming affiliate on issues relating to fair play for all. Over the years I’ve ruffled more than a few feathers.  I doubt I’d win any popularity awards in the online gaming industry. But I’m OK with that. My only objective is to keep the bastards honest.

If and when issues relating to unfair, unjust or down right dodgy practices affecting players and or gaming affiliates are brought to light – make sure they’re not swept under the carpet as happens most times.

In the words of Winston Churchhill : – Have you got enemies? Good, it means you stood up for something.
Well I’ve stood up for a lot of dodgy issues connected to casinos and the online gaming industry over the years.

However that’s not what this post is about. I’m not here to sling mud at anyone. Actually I don’t think I sling mud, period. I do however report on incidents which are not fair or just, or in direct regard to this post,  believing casino players welfare should be the cornerstone of information.

After all without players the online gaming industry would not exist.

I don’t care who it is, no one gets a free get out of jail card if their actions are anything less than honourable. Everyone has to be accountable for their actions – that include myself also. If I’m wrong, I will admit it and have done so since entering the online gaming industry in 2000. I have no qualms in posting a public apology if I’m wrong – that’s how it should be but unfortunately it’s a virtue not shared by many people in the gaming industry.

Instead, semantics, Spin Doctor tatics, stalls, excuses and if that doesn’t work, out right character assignation in attempts to derails the topic and shut the messenger down.

Which brings me back to why I commenced this blog on the topic of:-

Casino Players Welfare Comes First

To get this out to as many online casino player as possible, I decided to sign-up again to the CasinoMeister Forum. Last year I closed my account but this is not the time nor the place to discuss the reasons why.

Regardless the CasinoMeister Forums does attract a large number of players every day.  Hence any personal differences or personality clashes anyone holds toward me, are a moot point. These should NOT come into play – least of all influence judgement calls. My only concern was to warn players about and a number of their video slots which returned wins on every spin in free play mode.

Here is the link to the thread I commenced at the CasinoMeister Forum:
Warning Slot Pay-outs Tweaked.

As you can see I was frank and honest with who I was from the start. However it seems differences and personalities again take the for front. I’m hit with a backlash of untruths and character assignation – slurs against my credibility.

Reiterating I posted to the CasinoMeister Forum because I wanted to warn as many players a possible. If someone can’t see good in that and instead is compelled to trash me, I’m certainly not the one with the problem or issues.

BTW feel free to leave a comment – good, bad or indifferent it’s your call. Here are Dodgy Online Casino History I allow and give people the courtesy to post comment to what’s been written.