Japan & New Zealand Earthquake Donations – Scam Warnings

Anyone who makes a donation to help those less fortunate, is a commendable virtue. Donations for people affect by the Japan and New Zealand earthquakes are being sent the world over to help rebuild the shatter lives of those who have endure these disasters.

However there are those who see these events as a way to cash-in on people’s tragedy. Turn a dishonest and dodgy buck on the misfortune of those affected by these horrendous earthquakes.

Its come to my attention, an online gambling affiliate who has personal ties to a industry known scam artist, has initiated and set-up a donation fund for the New Zealand earthquake victims. It especially concerning because this person also lives in New Zealand.

I would urge anyone who is wanting to make a donation to either the Japan earthquake appeal or the New Zealand earthquake appeals, please do so directly with the organisations who are accepting donations for these disasters. By sending money through anyone other than established and recognised organisations, you risk your donation not ending up where it should but instead into a scammers pocket.

Donations for New Zealand Earthquake Appeal


Donations for Japan Earthquake Appeal


NB – This is not complete list of organisations and trusted entities where donations for the Japan earthquake and New Zealand earthquake appeals can be donated to. But please only make donations to these earthquake appeals at trusted organisations or at other trustworthy entities. Doing so will make sure you are not scammed by unscrupulous scum.