Digimedia Limited Tied to Buffalo Partners

For many months speculation has been levelled at Digimedia Limited, by casino affiliates and players alike. All asking the same question. Who is behind this online gaming entity. While Digimedia has remained silent, their actions have seen supposedly non-related casino groups, merge into this single branded group. This can seen by the following DOCH Digimedia Limited Article.

For years players and affiliate partners have been under the impression, all these online casinos, poker rooms and bingo halls, we all operated by separate owners. However with these latest mergers, that information is proving to be false. In truth, all these online gaming properties have been owned by the same entity from day one. This lends itself to valid questions relating to shared player information and cross marketing to players, tagged to affiliate partners. Has the abundance of casino spam for instance, be the result of this shared data and not rogue affiliates as the casino programs have claimed!

A few weeks ago, affiliate partners of Referback; a long standing and trusted affiliate program, were informed that Referback and Wagershare; a blacklisted and rogued affiliate program, were merging and both companies would operate under Buffalo Partners as of 2014/08/01. Interestingly casinos under the Referback program all display and hold the Digimedia Ltd Malta Gaming License. Yet for years, these casinos and Referback strongly denied any relationship to Fortune Lounge Group. However both these gaming groups now share the Digimedia Limited gaming license.

Getting back to Buffalo Partners.
Clearly Wagershare and The Spin Palace Group, also holds a direct connection with Digimedia Limited. Information gathered by DOCH (Dodgy Online Casino History), joins the dots, which points to not only Buffalo Partners under Wagershare Control, but also The Spin Palace Group, being owned by the Digimedia aka the Israeli born Moshal Brothers. Who incidently are also purported to own the controlling share in Microgaming. Which all casinos in the Digimedia Limited Stable are powered by Microgaming!