Is Buffalo Partners Associated to WP Hacker

Back in 2012/2013 Wagershare casinos such as Spin Palace, were being promoted on sites using Blackhat SEO. They were using redirects and other dodgy tricks to game the Google alog. As the months rolled on, more and more of these Wagershare casino portal gained top serps in Google. Myself and a mate started digging around. Wasn’t long till we discovered roads leading back to, an SEO company based in London and owned by the Spin Palace Group. When this information was released, these Blackhat casino portals practically disapeared from Google overnight.

Today, Wintechnologies is part of the Betway Group (aka Spin Palace Group, aka Wagershare, aka Buffalo Partners). As of today Millions of WordPress sites have been hacked and injected with doorway pages, featuring all the Buffalo Partners casinos. In early to mid 2014 the WordPress Hacker had a mixture of casinos listed in thes injected doorway pages. As time passed and affiliates become savvy to these pages, they’d contact affiliate programs and subsequentely the program closed the hacker’s account.

NB – Each and every casino affiliate program who closed the hacker’s account, these casinos were dropped within 24 hours from these hacked wordpress doorway pages.

I’ve personally lost count to the number of times Buffalo Partners have claimed the hacker’s affiliate account has been closed. Why is it when other programs close the account, their casinos are removed from these doorways pages within 24 hours. Yet this never happens to Buffalo Partner casinos?

GPWA Anthony posted this on the 22’nd June 2015
Buffalo Partners terminated the affiliate accounts provided, but did not disable or redirect the links.

Let me reiterate… Even casino affiliate program to date who has legitimately closed the wordpress hacker casino affiliate account, the casinos relating to this program have been removed from the hacked wordpress doorway pages within 24 hours.

View a current screen cap below of a hacked wordpress site (July 15’th 2015).

Yet it’s now the 15’th July 2015, over a month since Buffalo Partners claimed (22’nd June 2015 at GPWA) to have closed the wordpress hacker’s account. However ALL their casinos are still being promoted on these hacked wordpress sites.

Why is Buffalo Partners in cahoots with the wordpress hacker?

  • Could it be the hacker is a ruse?
  • Has turned to hacking wordpress sites or employing a hacker?

Granted that’s just speculation but… There are plenty of casino affiliate programs who have closed the wordpress hacker’s account, yet not one person has come forward to name the account holder. Not a single one. Not even anonymously on a casino affiliate forum.

I’ve directed frank questions to a number of people who know the indentity of the hacker but every single one of them refuses to discuss the matter. Why, who are they protecting?