Buffalo Casino Partners Being Shafted

More and more casino affiliates have called the merger between the highly trusted Referback and the blacklisted Wagershare, a take-over. Since Buffalo Partners opened in 2014/08/01. Actions speak louder than words. And, the actions of Buffalo Partners align themselves to the dodgy and unethical way in which Wagershare operated its casino affiliate program. Hence it’s more than obvious, the blacklisted Wagershare affiliate program, is in control now of Buffalo Partners.

Why is the Wagershare Take-over Bad?

To put it simply, Wagershare have proven, beyond doubt, they are untrustworthy. Agreements made long ago, which affiliates are paid commission on the life time revenue of each tagged player, for example. These pledges by Wagershare were broken with retroactively changed T&C’s, to minimum player quotas. Worse, if a partner failed to meet this player quota, their commission was reduced to 10% and commissions were frozen until the affiliate sent a depositing player. Albeit the Wagershare program ceased to exist as of 2014/08/01. However given its clear they are now controlling Buffalo Partners, casino affiliates are again in danger of being shafted.

Betway Casino Splits From Wagershare

Spin Palace Group owns Betway Casino. In October 2013, Betway Partners opened. A split away from Wagershare. With such a horrid reputation being blacklisted, it would seem Betway Partners was used, to distance Betway Casino from Wagershare. However lets not get complacent here. Betway Casino just like Betway Partners, is still owned by Spin Palace Group. These affiliate programs have little, to no respect, for keeping their pledged promises.

Buffalo Partners and Betway UK Casino License

Someone at Buffalo Partners forgot to send a memo to their affiliates; given them ample notice, that their casinos will not be accepting UK players. Instead they will be sent to Betway Casino. Reiterating Wagershare, imo, are shifter that ‘shit house rats’. Soon affiliate partners were contacting these casinos and were told to sign-up at Betway casino. Guessing affiliate tracking didn’t count. I’m sure Betway Casino made a killing on 100’s a free players.

Digimedia Sending UK Players to Betway Casino

Buffalo Partners sending UK players to Betway, affiliates soon were advised that Fortune Lounge, aka Digimedia ltd, were also sending UK players to Betway. As we all know or should by now, Fortune Lounge Group, Jackpot Factory Group, Referback Casinos and others are all now sharing the Digimedia ltd Malta Gaming License. Affiliates were again led to believe that Fortune Lounge Group/Fortune Affiliates, were to continue sending UK player to Betway Casino.

Fortune Affiliates Send UK Players to SpinCasino

Misleading comes to mind. So too does scam. 2014/09/24 an official statement by Fortune Affiliates, sent to their affiliate partners, now reveals they will now be directing all UK traffic to SpinCasino.co.uk – Which for the record is owned by Spin Palace Group. The casino affiliate program for SpinCasino UK is, yes, you guessed it Betway Partners!

If your not totally confused by now, then you deserve a medal.
To wrap this up, I’ll make it a quick read.

  1. Referback and Wagershare merger into Buffalo Partners but more likely a take-over by Wagershare.
  2. Buffalo Partners now sending all UK players to Betway Casino.
  3. Betway Partners broke away from blacklisted Wagershare in Oct 2013.
  4. Buffalo Partners told to signup at Betway Partners if they don’t have an account.
  5. Fortune Lounge Group sends UK players to Betway Casino.
  6. Fortune Affiliates release memo 2014/09/24 telling partner all UK traffic is going to SpinCasino UK.
  7. Spin Palace Group owns Betway Partners; defunct Wagershare; Buffalo Partners; Betway Casino and SpinCasino UK.

Looks like these casino groups and affiliate programs have pulled a premeditated scam on their affiliate partners, to obtain as many free players as possible.