Microgaming Ezy Bonus System Scam

For those of you who play Microgaming online casinos, practically every casino uses the Ezy Bonus System. I remember when this was first introduced. It was totted as the solution to eliminate casino bonus confusion for players.

As example, Player A deposits $100 cash and receives a $100 bonus. Casino X has a 30x play through bonus. Meaning that $3,000 must be wagered to clear the full $100 bonus. The $100 deposit is added to the Ezy Bonus Cash Balance, and the $100 bonus is added to the Bonus Balance.

All bets are first taken from the Real Cash Balance. Every win or loss is counted as play through. For every $300 wagered, $10 of the Bonus is released and is credited to the Players Real Cash balance. The Micrograming Ezy Bonus System rules state, funds in the players Real Cash balance can be withdrawn anytime. However bonus money can not. Seems simple enough, right? Well that’s where the Microgaming Ezy Bonus System Scam starts.

Some Microgaming casinos are using the bonus system to scam their players. Some casinos have no idea of the fundamental operation of the Ezy Bonus System. They are complete idiots. Unfortunately it’s the players who get shafted again. Has Microgaming done anything to recify this problem, hell no!

Reiterating, whatever money is in the Players Real Cash Account, the Player can withdrawal at any time.

However, some Microgaming casinos are forcing their players to fulfill the entire play through of the bonus, before the Player is allowed to withdrawal from their Real Cash Account balance. But the casino scam doesn’t stop there.

Some Microgaming casino players have experienced a compounding of multiple bonuses. I’ve experienced this issue too. It’s a software bug in Microgaming and it is tied back to the Ezy Bonus System. I managed to get my rightful winnings credited to my Real Cash Account. After hassling the casino. Still most players who have this happen to them, are not so fortunate. These players get scammed by the Microgaming Ezy Bonus System.

If a Player zero’s out his balance whilst using a bonus, then the Ezy Bonus System should null and void all bonus play through requirements. But this ain’t happening. Instead some casinos are enforcing compounded bonus play through requirements. So if Player A received a bonus three weeks ago (for example) and didn’t fulfill the bonus play through on that bonus; even though he or she zeroed out their casino balance, some Microgaming casinos are adding this play through requirement to all bonuses until the total play through is completed. That’s just robbery; theft and a complete scam on the part of these Microgaming casinos.

So to cap this off, If your a Microgaming casino player and your denied withdrawal of funds in your Real Cash Account when playing utilising the Ezy Bonus System, contact the casino and take a stand on this. If you get no joy from the casino, make a formal complaint to eCOGRA. Because the Microgaming Ezy Bonus System states you can withdrawal whatever is in your REAL CASH ACCOUNT at any time.