Unethical Casino Cross Marketing

Being a casino affiliate can have its rewards. However it does take a lot of hard work to build a trusted and well known internet gambling portal. It’s not uncommon for gaming affiliates in the first few years to spend 12 hour days 7 days a week working on their casino marketing site.  In addition being a gambling affiliate means you have to place 100% of your trust in affiliate programs – depending on which online casinos your promoting.

Because of this one sided trust and the majority of casino affiliate programs being operated by the online casinos being promoted, there is always a risk of being shafted by unethical casino affiliate programs, who basically use dodgy practices of screwing casino affiliates out of their rightful earnings.

In the casino affiliate business there are numerous ways to shave affiliate stats. However one such practice used is casino cross marketing, where by an affiliate sends a player to an online casino, the player signs up and the affiliate is tagged with this player. Each time this player makes a deposit and loses the casino affiliate earns a percentage of the Net Income of that casino player. For example if a casino affiliate earns 30% revenue share and the player loses $1,000, the affiliate earns $300 revenue share on that casino player.  Most online affiliates sign-up to casino affiliate programs that offer a revenue share. This is paid on the life of the player. So whatever each player loses the affiliate is paid out a revenue commission each month.

Unethical Casino Affiliate Programs

Unlike most other online affiliate programs, most casino affiliate programs are owned and operated by the online casinos being promoted by each gaming affiliate. Because of this, it is very easy for a program to shave affiliate stats, or worse, practice unethical casino cross marketing. This is done by using the players information & or email address which has been collected by the casino affiliate program initially sent to them via the affiliate who is promoting the online casino. Unethical affiliate programs use this information and contact the players to market another online casino to these players but do not accredit nor tag the player to the affiliate who originally sent the player to the affiliate program.

Cpays Cross Marketing

One such casino affiliate program to be busted using unethical cross marketing is Cpays. Although no longer in business, its been purported this unethical casino affiliate program has direct ties back to both Euro Partners and  Best Casino Partners who are very much active and in operation today. The Cpays Cross Marketing scam was first brought to light on 2006 over at CAP, a well known Casino Affiliate Forum.

This unethical casino affiliate program practice is nothing short of theft. It’s akin to rogue casinos not paying players their rightful winnings. It’s even more alarming since the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) came into affect. Online casino affiliates are being subjected to unethical cross marketing practices on a regular basis.