Lock Casino No Comment – CM Says Sorry

In a carry over from Lock Casino sharing one of their VIP players emails with the CasinoMeister.com owner and its casino forum Moderator Max, CM has issued a public apology about posting the TonyT information to his casino forum. That post can be viewed here.

It certainly takes some guts to say your wrong and you made some bad choices. Especially when it’s your own casino forum. Credit where credit is due, Bryan took it on the chin, stood up to the plate and admitted he’d made some bad judgment calls. For me that’s a commendable action and one that does deserve praise.

However as far as Lock Casino they’re not off the hook!

What LockCasino.com did was reprehensible. It’s nothing more than tattle telling and childish sand pit whining. Not the action or behaviour you’d expect from an accredited online casino, who in doing so claims to be trustworthy.

Worse, Lock Casino was the catalyst of the the above CasinoMeister.com  Forum thread.  LockCasino may not have pulled the trigger which ultimately character assassinated the Lock Casino VIP player TonyT, but it most certainly loaded the bullet into the gun.  Lock Casino should be holding its head in shame.

But that’s the furthest from what Lock Casino has done and remains doing, with the Lock Casino no comment.

  • Has Lock Casino said sorry to TonyT the VIP Lock Casino player, no.
  • Has Lock Casino posted a public apology to the CasinoMeister.com forum, no.
  • Was Lock Casino unprofessional in it’s handling of player information, yes.
  • Did Lock Casino breach its own Privacy Terms, Yes!
  • Should players trust Lock Casino based on this information, in my opinion, no.

So Lock Casino if your reading this it’s about time you too stood up to the plate, admitted you made some bad judgment calls and make a public apology to both the Casino Forum members at CasinoMeister.com. But more importantly make things right with TonyT.

After doing all this, Lock Casino as company needs to sit down and figure out how this was allowed to happen, and figure out a solution to prevent it happening again.