Bogus online casino watchdog

There are a number of online casino watchdog sites that genuinely look out for the interests of online casino players. They actively list rogue casinos and other dubious online gambling venues. More commonly known as sh!t hole clip joints.

However just as there are casino watchdog sites run by responsible webmaster, there are some casino affiliates who will try anything to get players to sign up to rogue casinos., by misleading casino players. Normally these are people new to online casino gambling. As such they are not aware who is a rogue casino and who is legitimate.

One such dodgy website is This rogue affiliate promotes rogue casinos.  But worse the owner of this site tries to pretend that he/she has casino players best interests at heart. Openly saying the site is a Casino Watchdog for casino players.

Some of the rogue casinos listed on the home page are Lady Dream Casino, Prism Casino (owned by the biggest casino rogues online – Virtual Casino Group), Gold Betting (associated to Lady Dream Casino). also runs a casino forum which again promote rogue casinos and clip joints. One of their Moderators a guy by the name of BingoT even gives advise to people who have been scammed by Cirrus Casino; another rogue from The Virtual Casino Group.

Stay right away from it not only a bogus casino watchdog site, but it’s run by a rogue casino affiliate who obviously is attempting to scam legitimate online casino players.