AussieDave resigns GPWA membership

On Saturday the 3’rd of April 2010 AussieDave requested both his private and public membership  to the GPWA (Gambling Portal Webmasters Association) be terminated.  The GPWA is a well know casino affiliate group which accepts both gaming affiliates and paid sponsorship from affiliate programs. Since holding private membership for over 4 years AussieDave has always been a vocal member, standing up for issues that are either not fair to casino players; casino affiliates or the online casino industry in general.

Over the years AussieDave has challenged public and private GPWA members who promotes rogue casinos. However the general consensus from GPWA affiliate members and the GPWA,  no one can or should tell anyone how to operate their online gaming affiliate business. This type of attitude is not helping casino players who on a daily basis are getting shafted by rogue casinos. The same clip joint casinos being promoted by factions of GPWA affiliates.

To their credit most GPWA members agree that promoting rogue casinos is not on.  However whilst any public or private GPWA member can promote rogue casinos with no consequences, the problem will continue to remain and grown.

AussieDave has put forward suggestions for the application rules for Private GPWA membership be amended, not allowing any GPWA private member to promote rogue casinos. And that all subsequent GPWA private membership application carry this clause. Unfortunately these recommendations to prevent  GPWA private members promoting rogue casinos have always fallen on deaf ears.

Now that Dodgy Online Casino History has taken to naming and shaming Casino Rogue Affiliates AussieDave has quit the GPWA. General feelings of Private GPWA members towards blacklisting casino affiliates who promote rogue casinos can be viewed in this thread at the GPWA forum: Warning All Rogue Affiliates Will Be Blacklisted