Cyberrock Entertainment NV Casinos Warning

Trust is the cornerstone of gambling online. But, there are still dodgy casino operators in the online gaming industry. One such rogue eGaming group is, Cyberrock Entertainment N.V. They have a very bad reputation for unethical casino operator practices. Although licensed by the Curacao Gaming Commission, the commission is useless and does nothing to protect online gamblers. Hence, the Curacao Gaming Commission is a safe haven for dodgy eGaming entities.

Sleep with Dogs & You’ll Have Fleas

Cyberrock Entertainment N.V. is covered with fleas. Aside from their dodgy ethics, they’ve also held direct ties to BestPay Partners Group. A casino affiliate program busted untagging referred players from affiliate partners. Reiterating, trust in the cornerstone of the online gaming industry. And, when a eGaming operator (or affiliate program) cheats, then it effects everyone. Especially gamblers and affiliates. And, places a dark cloud of mis-trust over legit eGaming operators too.

Rome Casino Cyberrock Entertainment Clip Joint

Top Game casino software powered Rome Casino. Frankly, it’s one of the most dodgy eGaming platforms around. Cyberrock Entertainment N.V. held direct ties to the rogue and blacklisted Rome Casino, too. The T&C’s found on their Rival powered casinos, are practically indentical to those used at Rome Casino. Other industry watchdog’s warn gamblers about the connection.

In basic terms, rogue operators are the scourge of the online gaming industry. Repeating, Cyberrock Entertainment N.V. is one such dodgy and unethical casino operator, robbing gamblers of their legitimate gambling winnings. Seems rogue activites such as fraud, along with others, are all in a days work at Cyberrock Entertainment N.V. Casino Group.

Dodgy T&C’s Cyberrock Entertainment Casinos

All online gaming venues have T&amp’C’s, along with bonus rules etc. These are used to protect the eGaming operator from unethical players, who are out to scam the operator. Trusted casinos don’t penalise ligitimate gamblers. However, rogue casino operators like Cyberrock Entertainment N.V. most certainly do penalise legitimate players. When it comes to withdrawing winnings, much less beinfg paid these winnings, the Terms and Conditions attached to these caluses, are scams at best. Here’s a few of the most blantant scam T&C’s:

Should a player abstain from logging into their Casino account for a period of 90 days or more or the player 90 days without making a single bet or wager, the Casino will be entitled to any balance in that players account and the sum forfeit.

Or how about this pearler

All cashback money is restricted to a maximum withdrawal limit of 10X the cashback amount. This includes cashback awarded as ‘gifts’, ‘comps’ or ‘free chips’. The Casino reserves the right to deduct Cashback money from a pending withdrawal.

If you win, then make a withdrawal of these winnings, the cashback will be deducted from your withdrawal. These dodgy casinos sure think up some crooked Terms and Conditions.

All Deposits of 249 USD/EURO/GBP/AUS or less have a max withdrawal of 10X the deposit

Even if a player does not accept/play with a bonus, the 10x maximum withdrawal limit applies. Clearly trying to get players to make larger deposits. No ethically operated casino online, or for that matter land based, would have such rogue terms and conditions.

Customers can submit their withdrawal request at anytime. The approval time may take fifteen – eighteen (15 – 18) working days starting the date authorization process was completed successfully. Processing a pending withdrawal requires authorization from the Fraud department as well.

Fifteen to eighteen (15 – 18) working days for a casino withdrawal is criminal. I say criminal because Cyberrock Entertainment Casino Group, have a long history of not paying player winnings. So these stall tactics are another slap in the face to legitimate gamblers.

Casinos Operated by Cyberrock Entertainment N.V.

  • Crazy Winners Casino
  • Dendera Casino
  • Cash O’Lot Casino
  • EuroFortune Casino
  • EZScratch
  • Sahara Sands Casino
  • Slot Powers
  • Vanguards Casino
  • Ricardo‚Äôs Casino
  • Tropica Casino
  • Gibson Casino
  • Slots Jackpot
  • Fiz Casino
  • Vegas Days Casino
  • Tradition Casino
  • Rock Bet
  • Bet Cave
  • Vegas Amped
  • Go Fish Casino
  • Casino Lust
  • 21 Grand Casino
  • Supreme Play
  • Play 2 Win Casino

Avoid Cyberrock Entertainment Casinos

Given all the above, along with my own personal experiences, and that of other gamblers stung by Cyberrock Entertainment Casino Group, DOCH issues a warning to all online casino players. Do not gamble at these casinos above, or any eGaming venue owned or operated by the aformentioned Casino Group. As history has proven time and time again, these casinos will more than likely scam you. Instead, there are plenty of certified casinos, worthy of your support.