Fortune Affiliates Shafts Casino Affiliate Partner

I’ve held a casino affiliate account with Fortune Affiliates for longer than I can remember. This long standing relationship with Fortune Affiliates was further galvanized in 2007, when my search engine optimization business, was awarded, the SEO contract for Vegas Palms Casino.

In addition, Fortune Affiliates entered into an agreement with me, to provide a bespoke front end/backend for promoting free play microgaming casino games. Also, the Fortune Affiliates program head met with me in Australian in October 2009.

Hence, Fortune Affiliates, Fortune Lounge Group and their management company Osiris Trading, are more than savvy with regard to my identity and personal details. Yet with all this history and the fact this casino affiliate program knows exactly who I am, they have handed a known joint affiliate account, into the hands of my ex business partner, even though the account details are in registered in my personal details.

In 2008 I sold some sites another webmaster, a mate of mine. Included in that sale was the aforementioned affiliate account (a new account I opened for those sites). At the time it only had a few players and was making maybe $500 p/m. A few months later, my mate asked if I’d work on the site for a monthly retainer. And in 2009, he offered me a joint partnership back into the web-sites I originally sold him, including joint partnership on the associated Fortune Affiliates account. My duties were the SEO and web development. His agreement was to pay server charges and associated costs, in addition to liaising with the affiliate programs. Essentially I’d be doing around 80% of the work, he’d be doing 20%. However I saw that as a fair deal as it cost me nothing to buy into the partnership.

However in August 2013 and after investing close to 20,000 hours of work, with little to no assistance from my business partner, I called it a day. I drafted an agreement which settled for a continued 50/50 share on the joint affiliate accounts to both parties. It was both fair and ethically the right step forward to finalising this partnership. But instead of accepting this, my ex-business-partner decided to play dirty pool. And opted to revert to using the 2008 sale agreement which he proceeded to send to all and sundry. Not to mention using my personal emails to fabricate his 1/2 baked truths. Fortunately I still have friends in the industry and was forwarded the email he distributed.

With regard to Fortune Affiliates, Fortune Lounge Group and Osiris Trading, the shared affiliate account was held in my personal details. I took a screen capture of this account on the 20’th August 2013 and still all my personal details were on that account. My ex-partners details were not listed.

Yet Fortune Affiliates, Fortune Lounge Group and Osiris Trading, while being fully aware the FA accounts was jointly owned, instead handed over to my ex-business-partner who has subsequently instructed Fortune Affiliate to no longer split the monthly revenue 50/50.

Strangely enough, Fortune Affiliates have a clause in their affiliate program terms and conditions which state:

Security and confidentiality
5.8 You will be required, from time to time, to positively verify Your account with Us in order to receive payments due to You. This is to protect both You and Us from fraud. This verification process may require the submission of personal documentation proving identity and physical address details.

Given my full name, address, date of birth, phone number, emails etc. etc., are the only details entered into this account as of five (5) days after I annulled the partnership, not withstanding my details have been the only details on that account throughout this partnership, I asked Fortune Affiliates to act on clause 5.8 by requesting account ownership proof to the account details listed. Their reply, anyone can use any name on an account.

I even went so far as contacting the CEO of Osiris Trading Laurence Michel but he seemed all too keen to blow me off as well!

Well, I’m at the point where I’m sick of being feed BS.
So I’m now playing by similar rules to what Fortune Affiliates, Fortune Lounge Group and Osiris Trading are.

Until my rightful 50% monthly revenue is not only reinstated, but my 50% share of earnings since September 2013 are paid, I will be adding at least one (1) blog per day for as long as it takes to have my rightful earnings returned to me by Fortune Affiliates.