Brightshare Merges with Fortune Affiliates

While I had previous knowledge of this merger, I was told in confidence. Hence that’s how it stayed. However, on the 26’th of June 2017, Brightshare finally sent out a mailer informing their affiliate partners, of the merger to Fortune Affiliates. Brightshare casinos will now be operated under the umbrella of Fortune Lounge Group, aka Digimedia Group.

Is this a good move for Brightshare partners? Probably not.

History tells us when Red Returns and other partner programs merged with Fortune Affiliates and, subsequently the casinos, affiliate earnings (in most cases) tanked, or at least never returned to commissions earned before these mergers. One of the most feared terms associated with affiliate marketing is, unethical cross marketing. It’s where an affiliate’s referred casino players are sent promotional material minus their affiliate tag. I have no evidence that Fortune Affiliates conducted such unthetical marketing. But, it does seem strange when past affiliates programs and their casinos merged with Fortune Lounge Group, their commission earnings never recovered.

Time will tell if Brightshare affiliates are in a better or worse position.