Lock Casino Shares Player Information with Casino Forum

LockCasino.com a relatively new online casino powered by RTG (real time gaming), shared player information with the owner of CasinoMeister.com and one of the casino forum Moderators early this week, week commencing 3’rd of May 2010.

Subsequently excerpts of an email sent to Lock Casino support staff by the VIP player (TonyT), was posted to the public casino forum at CasinoMeister® by the owner of this site, affectionately known as CM.

The VIP player of LockCasino.com was annoyed after raising concerns with Lock Casino about his slots game play being well below par. It should be known, all RTG casinos have the ability to alter the RTP (return to player) slot percentages. It’s been purported these slot settings can be changed to 92%; 95% and 97%.

After being feed the usual casino line, over a number of emails and live chat, Lock Casino support staff again told the player (paraphrased) Oh you must just be having a bad run.

The VIP player having lost many thousands of dollars sent Lock Casino an email. Although I’m not privy to the full contents of this email, it did contain foul language telling the Lock Casino Manager and I believe the VIP manager what they could do with their online casino.

NBLockCasino.com is an accredited online casino at CasinoMeister®.  Accredited casinos at CasinoMeister® remain on site through payment of  Media Buy Advertising. Lock Casino has a casino representative registered at the aforementioned casino forum. The VIP Lock Casino player is also a member of the Casinomeister.com Forum.

On the 4’th of March 2010, and after another VIP player of LockCasino.com voiced their dissatisfaction with the tight slots in a public thread at the CasinoMeister® Forum, TonyT posted his comments to the forum thread. A few emails followed until the owner of CasinoMeister® posted and asking TonyT if he would like to post the email sent to LockCasino.com or should he (sic CM) post it!

TonyT responded in words to the affect of: – I don’t think it would be suitable to post it to a public forum.  However CM ignored the response and went ahead posting excerpts of the email to the public casino forum at CasinoMeister.com.

This email was between LockCasino.com and TonyT, period.

LockCasino.com and CasinoMeister® are separate companies and business entities owned by different people.
However the Lock Casino forum representative shared this player communications with the owner of CasinoMeister.com® and one of the forum Moderators.

To date 8’th May 2010, neither the Lock Casino representative, nor the casino Manager has posted their reason why Lock Casino shares player information with the CasinoMeister® Forum owner or its Moderator.

Although both CM and the Max  have (in my opinion) continued to dice; slice; re-engineer and throw quasi reasons and excuses to  justify not only accepting this private email from LockCasino.com but also for posting the excepts it to the public casino forum at CasinoMeister.com.

One poster to this thread, suggest Lock Casino do the following; tongue firmly planted in cheek (paraphrased):

Why doesn’t Lock Casino contact Visa, both TonyT and Lock Casino maybe members.
Send a copy of the TonyT email to Visa warning them about his behaviour. Advise Visa they (Lock Casino) accepts “Online Bets” from TonyT for the USA; Visa Card Number xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

Inform Visa the billing company will show as XYZ-BlackHole.com for $99.89US. Lock Casino advising Visa that XYZ-BlackHole.com is used to circumnavigate the current UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) in the USA. Preventing banks and financial institutions such as Visa from processing “Online Bets” by USA citizens.

I bet Lock Casino would not contact Visa with this information nor do anything similar!

Here is  an excerpt to a public posts from both the owner of CasinoMeister and his casino forum moderator. These posts deliver the REAL REASONS behind Lock Casino sharing the TonyT email with CasinoMeister.com, and why the owner of this casino forum and his Moderator acted on behalf of LockCasino.com

we share info back and forth because overall it helps us do our jobs better and protect our interests.”
The above statement is located in this casino forum post.

Since the player is starting to post about not liking the casino in public
The above statement was posted by CM the owner of CasinoMeister® and is located in this casino forum post.

Not liking the casino in public“. The Forum run on CasinoMeister.com is full to the brim with forum members posting they don’t  like  XYZ casino in public. Why is this players opinion any different?

Or is the TonyT email a scapegoat to  “protect our interests.“, and that of the accredited casino LockCasino.com who is paying for advertising on CasinoMeister®.