Winward Rogue Casino

Winward online casino has been in operation for many years. Over this time they’ve used a variety of casino software. Currently Winward casino is powered by TopGame – that in itself gives proxy to a standard online casino warning and players beware notice.  However Winward Casino is far more sinister.

Winward Rogue Casino Terms & Conditions

Online casinos like any other business have to ensure they protect themselves from scams. Most casinos make sure legitimate players are not affected by malicious & or predatory T&C’s. However in the case of they go out of their way to make sure they can screw over every player who deposits and wins at their online casino.

Winward Casino Steals Player Winnings

In yet another case brought to light on a prominent casino forum, a player deposited a mere $25 at and had their account locked and the $25 deposit stolen. Winward Casino claims the player was from a prohibited locations. However on checking the T&C’s and their rules, no where could it be found that Poland was a prohibited Country for playing at

Due to repeated fraud attempts from players pertaining to some countries, we place restrictions on their bonus privileges. Free money bonuses are completely void, and deposit bonuses are partially restricted to a maximum amount of 50%. Members from the following countries will be subject to these restrictions: Aland Is, Australia, Austria, China, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Faroe Is, Greenland, Holland, Iceland, Indonesia, Japan, Latvia, Mexico, Norway, Pakistan, Portugal, Romania, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Ukraine. Our security policies regarding these restrictions are strict, although exceptions will be conceded on a case by case basis.

The above only addresses free bonus chips and bonus money – though Poland is not in the list. It’s the only instance of any restricted countries contained in any of the T&C’s, Rules and or general casino terms and conditions. Nothing and I mean nothing is listed in regards to banned country restrictions on players at Winward Casino.

Winward Casino Warning

Given that has a shocking and ongoing highly questionable operational status quo with regard to piss poor customer service and worse stealing players winnings, I’m now issuing a warning to all online casino players to avoid Winward Casino like the plague. is nothing more than a clip joint that holds no qualms in stealing $25 from a player. That should tell you that Winward Casino would hold no scruples in stealing money from any online casino player. As far as I’m concerned Winward is a rogue casino and should be avoided. Winward Casino is a clip joint.