Casino Promotion Abuse

Casino Promotion Bonuses

Casinos use welcome bonuses to entice new players to sign-up and deposit. All Casino promotions have some type of terms and conditions attached to a bonus – especially with welcome bonuses. From a casinos stand point T&C’s are implemented to avoid bonus abuse, a minimum wagering (differs between casino) on bonus money is required. They may also restrict certain casino games being played whilst the player is fulfilling the bonus terms.

Promotion Abuse of Casino Players

Ever since I can remember – that’s almost 14 years of gambling online, casino bonuses have been the largest perpetrator of player issues pertaining to non payment of winnings. However as much as casinos cry foul about promotion abuse, not too many have stopped offering new player bonuses. Instead online casinos just add more rules to their bonus terms and conditions. Over the years labels such as “advantage players“, “bonus abusers“, “freebie bonus whores” and other sayings are used to label players who take advantage of casino promotion offers. However like advantage players, there are also dodgy casinos who are out to scam online gamblers.

FU Clause is Casino Player Abuse

The most prevalent way casinos attempt to get out of paying winners is using the “F#ck You Clause”. Thankfully not all casinos have such predatory clauses in their bonus terms and conditions. Now some gamblers would think the “FU Clause” would be reserved for dodgy casinos. Unfortunately that’s not always the case. As the gaming industry become more competitive, a number of respected casinos have been busted adding predatory FU Clause & or FU Clauses to their promotion bonuses.

Where the “FU Clause” becomes increasingly worrying is casinos will use a statement similar to the following:
Casino management reserves the right to determine whether play has been deemed to be promotion abuse, even though the player may have been compliant with the bonus terms and conditions & or fulfilled the required play through of the aforementioned bonus terms and conditions.

This statement (and those like it) allows casino management to pull any reason they like (true or false) to say any player is a bonus abuser. And use this reason (truth or lie) to void paying legitimate casino player winnings!

As a casino player you should always familiarise yourself with any and all casino promotion offers before accepting any bonus. Don’t make the mistake of thinking only dodgy casinos and rogue clip joints use a predatory FU Clause to scam players of their legitimate casino winners.

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