Rogue Casino Affiliates

Since online casinos opened there has always been a element of rogue casino operator who will try to scam players. One of the most well known of these rogue online casino groups is the Virtual Casino Group. Although many legitimate affiliates and casino watchdog sites have tried to warn casino players about these clip joints, it become hard when there are 100’s if not 1000’s of casino affiliates who are promoting these rogue casinos.

In an effort to further get the message out to online casino players about places like the Virtual Casino Group, Dodgy Online Casino History commenced Blacklisting Rogue Casino Affiliates.

Any affiliate who is promoting these clip joints obviously knows about their less than reputable reputation. They are surely aware that they scam casino players every day by not paying their winners or by finding any means to not pay their casino players.

The affiliate program that markets these rogue casinos is Gambling Wages. They too are well aware of the dodgy history of the Virtual Casino Group and casinos such as Cool Cat, Prism Casino and Cirrus Casino to name a few. Gambling Wages contacts affiliates on a daily basis offering money to have their rogue casino promoted. Unfortunately some casino affiliates care more for money than they value their reputation & or the safety of casino players visiting their site(s).

It’s to this end that Dodgy Online Casino History, along with Blacklisting Rogue Casino Affiliates, is trying to help stamp out the promotions of clip joints not only run by the Virtual Casino Group, but other know dodgy online operators in the online gaming industry.