SportsBet Affiliates Steals Partner Commissions

Early this year, I was informed about SportsBet an Australian based online sportsbook owned by Paddy Power and regulated by the Northern Territory of Australia, had recently made retroactive changes to their affiliates contractual agreements. These changes included the clause 5.2.2. This effectively give Carte Blanche (at their whim), to forfeit earnings if a partner sends less than four (4) new depositing punters within a 90 days.

Australian Affiliate Earnings Stolen by SportsBet

Today I received an email from a Sportsbet Affiliate, who, was told their June 2013 commission was not being paid because of clause 5.2.2; failure to deliver a minimum of four (4) new depositing punters within 90 days to SportsBet Australia.

From my understanding, SportsBet Affiliates has not attempted to assist this partner. Instead, are all to ready to forfeit (errr…steal) his rightful commission payment(s). As an Australian myself, this act is nothing short of un-Australian. These retroactively changed affiliate terms and conditions; introduce in February 2013, are what I’d expect from a scum sucking clip joint. Certainly not from a supposedly respected and trustworthy online gaming brand such as

Paddy Power and SportsBet Australia

A cynical person may wonder if Paddy Power, the owner of SportsBet Australia, is testing the affiliate waters here, so to speak. Do they (Paddy Power) have plans to roll out similar retroactively changed affiliate terms and conditions, in the not too distant future?