Commission Lounge Blacklisted

Online gambling affiliates awoke to a disturbing email on the 1’st July 2013 sent by Commission Lounge. As of the 1’st of September 2013, they are withdrawing their previous promise of Life-Time Revenue and replacing it with, a 24 month shelf life on all tagged players.

Commission Lounge Breaches Affiliate Contracts

This is the payload from this gambling and casino affiliate program contract breach:

life time commission rule will no longer be valid and our affiliates will get commission from their users for only 24 months after users’ registration dates. The aim of this change is to maintain the continuity of new user sign ups to our brands. The old users will automatically be removed from the system after 24 months since their sign up dates.

Another month and another casino and gambling affiliate program, namely Commission Lounge, who clearly views stealing, cheating and lying as acceptable online gaming business practices.

If an online gaming business will scam their affiliates, you can be sure they’ll try to scam their gambling and casino players too. These are their online gaming brands:

  • | an obvious rip off against
  • Casino
  • Casino

This year alone (2013), gambling affiliates have been smacked from pillar to post by a number of online gaming companies, who, like Commission Lounge, feel it’s ok to retroactively change contractual agreements with their partners, regardless of promises made. In doing so, steal tagged players and rightful commissions.

Blacklisted Gambling & Casino Affiliate Programs

We must all fight against these injustices. Otherwise, we risk losing not only our tagged players but our contractual rights to be paid on the life of each referred player, as promised by most online gambling affiliate programs. If you’ve been scammed by this online gaming company, show your sign of disapproval by also blacklisting Commission Lounge affiliate program.

(Commission Loungenot to be confused with Affiliate Lounge)