Brightshare Breach Their Terms & Conditions

DOCH blacklisted Brightshare casino affiliate program because they blindsided their partners with retroactively changed contractual agreements. Many other sites followed suit and blacklisted Brightshare.  Since then, this casino affiliate program has come to their senses and over-turned the retroactively changes for already signed up affiliate partners.

It’s all good and well to make changes and revert back to past agreements. However, Brightshare are notorious for breaching their Terms & Conditions, specifically, not paying commissions on time. In May 2013 when they introduced changes to their T&C’s, they paid affiliates on the 4’th of May. However revenue owed for June 2013 is yet to be paid, even though this casino affiliate program states in the Terms & Conditions they will make payment by the 15’th of each month or the first business day after this date.

DOCH isn’t concerned whether Brightshare will pay their affiliates, we know they will. The point though isn’t specifically about being paid but with regard to a contractual agreement which Brightshare has breached. This may seem like a trivial concern. However, if a casino affiliate program can not honor its own contractual terms, what’s to say it can be trusted to keep other promises to online casino affiliates?

It was Brightshare who promised their casino affiliates Life Time Revenue on all referred players. Yet, on the 1’st of May 2013, they broke this promise.

It’s clear this Casino Affiliate Program hold very little respect for honoring agreements. While they will eventual make commission payments for June 2013, I’m not sure they can be trusted to keep promises much less abide by their our contractual terms and conditions. Is this a casino affiliate program you’d risk trusting again?

2 thoughts on “Brightshare Breach Their Terms & Conditions”

  1. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the great article mate! We rogued them as well. This seems to be the norm with most affiliate programs nowadays.

    They start out with the best of intentions. Once we’ve referred thousands of players we become like the proverbial 5th wheel and our services are no longer needed.

    I’ve asked this question many a times across various forums, as casino affiliates how do we protect ourselves from these thieves? Problem is no one has given me a definitive answer as yet. Besides the top affiliates don’t give a damn. They’re also one of the main reasons why Brightshare is still in business today.

    Thanks for championing our cause.

    All the best,


  2. Hi Otto, thanks for making the right choice. These casino affiliate programs make promises like I change under-wear. Personally I’m sick of being treated like a moron. I bet you and other peers are too.

    We work damn hard and then these programs recant on their promises for life time revenue or make up new terms and conditions, to effectively rob us blind. Then when we stand up and start blacklisting, they are dumb-founded. The accusations about the double databases and dropping Btags, well what Brightshare did by blindsiding their affiliate partners, I’ll leave others to decide if there is any truth in these claims.

    Hell will freeze over before Brightshare are promoted by me. I sincerely hope other casino affiliates, did not accept the 40% please have us back offer. Because frankly Brightshare have proved they hold the truth very loosely and can’t be trusted!

    I’ve heard on the grape vine they have some money troubles. Maybe they’ll be bought out by the crooks at Rewards Affiliates. So Casino Rewards Group can unethically cross market to tagged players.



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