138.com Retroactively Adds Player Quotas

It really chews my goat when, casino affiliate programs make contractual promises, then, at a later date, screw their partners with retroactive T&C changes. Well the 138.com Affiliate Program has done just that. They have retroactively changed affiliate contracts to include minimum monthly player quota’s.

Payable Revenue/Commission Payouts
Commission is calculated as net revenue (gross revenue-bonuses-rebates-wins) x X% Commission. Affiliates will be paid out on are eligible commission across all products on a monthly basis. We do not carry over any negative balances, and all months will start at a 0 balance. A minimum of 5 active players every month, (Player must make an initial deposit and place 1 bet (qualified bet) at least once a month to be considered an “active player”). In the event that affiliate does not meet the required active player requirement, affiliate earning will be carried over to next month and can only be withdrawn once active player requirement has been fulfilled.

138.com Affiliate Program Scam

If a program wants to change its contractual Terms & Conditions, then by all means do it. However forcing new-terms &/or player quota’s on already signed up partners, is downright dodgy and totally unethical.

138.com Blacklisted

DOCH holds the belief, all casino affiliates have the right to fair treatment, by the programs they partner. We have be left with no other alternative but to blacklist 138.com affiliate program, for retroactively adding player quotas to their T&C’s. These type of unethical actions, seem to always point to grabs for cash. And, it’s always the small casino affiliates who pay the price. Given the current competitiveness of the casino industry, I highly doubt every affiliate partnered to 138.com, would be able send five (5) new player signups per month.

Reiterating DOCH is only concerned about fair-play for all. What 138.com Affiliate Program has done, is not ethical, just or fair. Hence DOCH has now Blacklisted 138.com Affiliate Program.