Unibet SpinCity Mobile Casino App

With so many web casinos and their ubundance of slot machines, it’s hard to come up with unique names. With mobile casino Apps being very popular, the same naming issues must also be problem too. However how hard is it to do a search on Google? Simply answer, it’s not hard at all. Just type in a name, in this case SpinCity. If that name is connected to anything casino related, don’t use it. Pretty simply!

How would Unibet respond if a competitor designed a mobile app and called it, Unibet Mobile Casino App? I’m pretty sure threats of civil legal action would be forthcoming, onto anyone who used the Unibet Brand. Yet they themselves seem to have no issue, in using someone elses casino brand name. I suppose we can argue SpinCity is synonymous to the 1990’s Sitcom, Spin City starting Michael J. Fox.

However, the fact SpinCity.net.au promotes casinos, should be enough reason not to hijack the SpinCity Brand Name. The other reason why Unibet may have decided to use SpinCity Casino Mobile App, is because it is well branded; a lot of time has been invested into spincity.net.au name branding.

If you’ve been connected to the online gaming industry for as long as I have (15 years), you’ll probably recall the agro affiliates would get from their peers, for hyphenating domains. EG hotslots.com to hot-slots.com etc etc. Over the years though, no one seeems to care about this anymore. Maybe Unibet or whoever decided to name their mobile casino app SpinCity, doesn’t care about brand hijacking either.

Though I bet my bottom dollar, if a casino site other UniBet, developed and named their app Unibet Mobile Casino App, Unibet would be crying foul right about now.