Buffalo Partners Locking Player Accounts

In August 2014 the Blacklisted Wagershare merged with Referback, to become Buffalo Partners. Since the takeover, Wagershare is now calling the shots at this casino affiliate program. The first month they hit affiliates with high roller clauses. Buffalo Partners claimed these high roller clauses were in RB T&C’s. Well, I used the Wayback Machine and these highroller clauses, were not in my Referback affiliate contract in 2001.

Yet I and other old-time affiliates got hammered with these high roller clauses. I had over $8,000US in commission stolen by Buffalo Partners, in the follow month. In the preceeding six months, my high roller has gone MIA. My guess, he was high-jacked to Betway Casino.

Wagershare Blacklisted

One of the many reasons casino affiliates Blacklisted Wagershare, they were locking player accounts. Although, casino accounts are locked from time-to-time for numeruos reasons, the sheer number of tagged affiliate player accounts being locked by Wagershare, was mind boggling.

Following this, Wagershare froze all affiliate commissions on these locked accounts for six months. Claiming it was to protect the casinos against chargebacks. Then Wagershare, aka Buffalo Partners, told their casino affiliate partners, they had to keep track of these locked accounts and after the 6 months period expired, contact Wagershare and request frozen commission payments.

Stranger than fiction, these locked player accounts weren’t low-rollers. Cleary it was nothing more than a dodgy grab for cash. Hence casino affiliates responded by Roguing and Blacklisting Wagershare.

Buffalo Partners Tagged Player Accounts Locked

It’s come to the attention of DOCH that Buffalo Partners (aka Wagershare), are up to their old tricks of locking player accounts. While this practice seems to have just started, we strongly advice all casino affiliates who are partnered with Buffalo Partners, to watch their affiliate data like hawks. In the opinion on DOCH; given the dodgy history of Wagershare, be warned, these player account lockings may start rising dramatically.